Course Readings

This reading list is to assist those taking the  Spark Station Mastery Course.

1. Honor Your Family Learning Time

2. Example of Structured Time For Homeshooling -What Does Structure Family Learning Time Look Like at the Palmers

3. Practice Being Present

4. Common Issues in Planning Ahead Weekly for Home Schooling: Regular Preparation Makes Me Cringe

5. How to Overcome Issues in Planning Ahead for Home Schooling: Real Life Planning Part 1

6. Home School Resources Online: How To Real Life Planning Part 2 – Finding Inspirational Ideas

7. How to Use the Library Effectively in Home Schooling: Real Life Planning Part 3 – Using the Library

8. Creative Lesson Plan Example for Lewis and Clark Expedition: Real Life Planning Part 4 – TurningYour Plan Into Inspiration For Your Children

9. Creative Homeschool Ideas for Making Learning Fun-Treasure Hunt Your House to Create a Magical Learning Space

10. Treasure Hunt Your House Part 2

11. Treasure Hunt Your House Part 3

12. How to Homeschool at Low Prices-What to Do If You Don’t Have Any Money

13. Free Coloring Pages and Worksheets for Homeschooling- The Dover Sampler

14. Sparks Lead to Joy

15. Example of Learning Style in Children-The Spencer “Sparks”

16. Teaching Chemistry by Identifying Sparks from Kids- An Example of Recognizing and Responding to Sparks

17. A Family Mission Statement: Part I

18. A Family Mission Statement: Part II

19. A Family Mission Statement: Part III

20. A Family Mission Statement: Part IV

21. Making Changes After Training