What’s On This Site?



This site is dedicated to parents who home school, public or private school their children; who desire to create greater connections in their family. It is for parents who desire personal growth in order to facilitate these greater family connections; and who desire a world class education for themselves and their children.

Here you will find information on personal growth, what it means to be present with a child and how being present leads to better families and better education.

You can also learn about about an exciting, inspiring and easy to use educational tool called the Spark Station, which will help any parent, regardless of their educational choices, to have more dynamic and exciting educational experiences in their home.

On this site parents who use the Spark Station can find wonderful ideas to keep it fresh and interesting in articles such as Chinese New Year,  Octopi or Octopuses as kids say, the Circus, Inventions and Inventors and many more.

Stay awhile and browse around. Your sure to find something that is just what you need. Here’s to growth, family and education!

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