“Even though my work has been centered in Leadership Education for many years, Mary Ann has helped me access a tool of inspiring that I understood in my head, but was missing in practice. And, she has taught me principles that really make this tool work in a powerful way. If you’re willing to implement the principles, Mary Ann delivers on her promise–to help you create a magical learning space in your home where your children love to learn. When I say, “Kid School time!” my little children jump up and down screaming with excitement.” – Jodie Palmer – Leadership Education Family Builder – Raising the next generation of leaders in your home

“I am so glad to have an inspiring force in the Core and Love of Learning arena! After spending so many years immersed in scholar phase, I have found in Mary Ann’s warmth and wisdom the spark to excite my kids about learning again. She is uniquely prepared to share her years of experience with those of us who are in the throes of raising young children and she fills the wise grandmother role that some of us are missing in our extended family. Thank you Mary Ann for living your mission and impacting the forms in our homes!” – Kathy Mellor – Unleashing Your Voice! Transformational Public Speaking for the Statesman

“My kids ran to the spark station yesterday when I said it was time for school. Your ideas work! Thank you so much. I am so grateful that Mary Ann Johnson came into my life at the TJED Forum last spring. Mary Ann is the Mary Poppins of homeschooling. She is a mom and grandmother, so she has lots of life experience with little children. She knows how crazy life gets with them. She mentors you on how to make homeschool feel magical and fun. It’ s no joke, by using her rules and ideas, I have kids who run to the spark station when I announce that it’s schooltime. Just last night, my nine-year-old, one of my rascals said, “Well, we better have school tomorrow.” – Celestia Shumway –  TJED Library – A place to review and share all things TJED

“I have already tried some ‘structured learning time’ and it seems to flow! My husband and I met last night for our first companion meeting and talked about “sparks”. Thank you again. Your call was sooo very helpful. You have such a calm about you that really helped me. Your confidence in me and the overall methods helped me so much too.” – Leah Spencer

Mary Ann – You are a master teacher. Your workshop is the perfect blend of philosophy, story, and practical tools. I got so much out of this – I loved the negative thought exercise, the reminder to be present, the help I got creating my chunk clock, and am looking forward to doing the activities you suggested about forgiveness and creating space and stillness. I feel like I have hope to build the kind of relationship I have always wanted with my kids. thank you so much for sharing your gifts and sharing YOU with us – I would recommend this to anyone who wants to truly connect with their children. Kim Flynn – Queen of the MaMa Biz

My husband and I have been struggling with how to be good parents. We’ve sought a few avenues to assist us. The ideas and tips were great, but I just didn’t find the skills I needed to make a change. My friend recommended this workshop with Mary Ann, and it has been the one of the greatest gifts anyone has given us. Now, I feel like I have some real tools that I can use to effectively build a foundation of trust with our kids. Now, I have a battle plan to fight the negative thoughts that direct how I interact with my family. Now, I am hopeful. Which will make all the difference in meeting our boys needs and building wonderful relationships with them that will last forever.  Michelle Walkenhorst

Mary Ann is an authority in teaching and parenting. Her course provides real examples and clear advice  for improving relationships with children and other family members. She teaches principles that improve your emotional, spiritual, and physical well being after the very first day of putting them into practice. Jake Walkenhorst