How To Overcome Issues In Planning Ahead For Home Schooling

by Mary Ann on September 14, 2010

Real Life Planning

Remember that hysterical and poignant letter I shared on Friday about Common issues in planning ahead weekly for home schooling Well I talked with Janet about her situation and later she sent me this email.

“I appreciated you addressing my hang-up with preparation. I felt much relieved and empowered after our class last night.  Thanks for helping me see through another set of eyes! “

I want to help the rest of you who feel like Janet to “see through another set of eyes”.

The other day one of my students said, “It’s easy for you. You can just sit here and rattle off tons of ideas. I can’t do that.” My answer was “It isn’t a gift” and “Yes you can.” So here is how I get all of my ideas for The Spark Station contents as well as oodles of activities to go with whatever I put into The Spark Station. Now listen, don’t miss this – I think about it all the time.

Yes, that’s how I do it. I think about inspiring children all the time. I think about it when I’m doing dishes, vacuuming, shopping, going to the bathroom and especially just after I go to bed. I think about what I saw today, what conversations I heard and participated in, what was on the news, what did I remember from the past and on and on. If any of those things was interesting and has the possibility of inspiring a child I latch onto it.

Then I think about it, all day, on and off. Soon ideas start coming. “Hey, I could put that in The Spark Station”. “Gee, that would be a fun activity”. “You know, that could lead to a “familiar conversation”. Whenever I have an idea, a thought or a moment of inspiration I write it down.

It is a principle, that whatever we focus on we get more of. So I focus quite a bit on inspiring children because that is what I want to do. Consequently I couldn’t possibly use all the ideas and good content that comes to me. There is just too much.

No mom has time for much quiet contemplation. We are busy kissing owies, sweeping up broken glass, changing poopy diapers, yelling at the dog; well you know how it is. So I am not suggesting that you sit down and plan. I don’t want you to take a fresh piece of paper and pour your heart and soul into figuring out what to do to inspire your kids while they run rampant in your just cleaned living room. That would be crazy!

I am asking you to think. That’s all, just think. Look at your children everyday. See them for who they really are, if even for just a moment. Step back in your mind and see their hearts. Then think. What do they love? What excites them? What would they like to know about? Who is their favorite neighbor and what do they do or what do they know that can be shared. Open your mind to inspiration and inspiration will come. It has to. It’s a principle. What you focus on you get more of!

It will be relieving to know that to keep your Spark Station going and inspiration flowing you only need one good thought each week!

So remember that I laughingly say that your planning session with your spouse is the first thirty minutes after you go to bed on Thursday night. And remember that I laughingly say that your personal planning is all day, every day, while you slop up spilled milk, wash apple sauce off a little chin and break up the fight of the century. That is “Real Life Planning.”

My next blog, Home school resources online-how to will address the comment “I can’t be on the computer all day looking up all this stuff!”

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Karina Palmer September 14, 2010 at 1:19 pm

It’s nice to hear that other moms are feeling just like me, that it’s normal. Can’t wait to hear about being on the computer all the time.


Mary Ann September 18, 2010 at 7:28 pm

One of the most important things to put in place when you enter into a tremendous project like schooling your children is a really good support system of other moms. It is so helpful to know that our struggles are not unique and that there is help and hope for wonderful outcomes. Visit often.


BLB November 18, 2011 at 4:09 am

Haha.. Kids making mess is totally a bad experience to me as a mom.


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