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by Mary Ann on December 22, 2010

The Dover Sampler:

Dover Sampler clip art picture

The Dover Sampler

Dover sampler clip art

The Dover Sampler

I am going to share with you a secret for one way that I come up with amazing and free worksheets,coloring pages and other free stuff for my Spark Station. I use the Dover Sampler– I signed up to receive a sample of the books they are offering each month.

When they send the sampler you can click on different book options and then page options to see what might work in your Spark Station. Once I have a coloring page open, for example, I right click on it and then save it to my DOVER file in my documents. In my DOVER file I have many folders: animals, history, stories and fables, paper dolls, puzzles and mazes, science, math, etc.

Here are some examples of what I have saved in my Dover File. There are coloring worksheets and descriptions of Stonehenge and the fist crossing to the North Pole. I have a description and coloring worksheets of the explorer Desoto, the Vikings, the Pilgrims, Sutters Mill, the building of the White House, photos from the Civil War and how hurricanes are formed.

van gogh coloring page printable

Van gogh

I have some wonderful pages to color of master paintings by Van Gough, Renoir, Cézanne, Chagall, Goya, Grandma Moses and Mary Cassatt to name a few. I have also collected color pictures of these works, as well as information on many of the painters.

I have coloring pages of various occupations.

Galapogos Island coloring page printable

Galapogos Island

There are coloring pages of more animals and descriptions of many of them than you can shake a stick at. For example, I have a series of coloring worksheets with descriptions of animals from the Galapagos Islands.

I have math puzzles, brain teasers, mazes, information on authors, poetry from around the world, and dinosaurs.  There are stories and fables from many different countries, historical photos, coloring pages and dialogue of Shakespeare’s plays, paper folding instructions, drawing instructions and paper dolls of historical figures, medieval times, famous people, and even figures from classic books like Alice in Wonderland.

Let me give you two examples of how I might utilize this information.

native american coloring page printable

Native Americans

We just finished the Thanksgiving holiday season. This is a perfect time to check books out of the library about the Pilgrims, Native Americans, the Dutch, the 13 colonies and the Mayflower Compact, depending on the ages of your children.

cherokee indian coloring page printable

Cherokee Indians

In my Dover file I found coloring worksheets of the Pilgrims, Cherokee Indians history, a map of Massachusetts (one of the 13 colonies), a Tom Turkey paper doll and outfit, Ojibwa Songs, and four Native American Why Stories and other fables.

The book on Pilgrims will be free at the library. The color pages, pictures, paper dolls stories etc.  were free and sent right to me. I have material for making aprons and squares of fabric for role playing the landing at Plymouth. None of that would cost a cent. What it does take is thought, planning and enthusiasm on your part.

We are in the Christmas season right now. In my Dover file I have coloring pages of different elements of the Christmas season. I have coloring pages of the Nativity and Nativity paper dolls. There are quite a number of puzzles, mazes and games that center on Christmas. One picture puzzle even comes with a simple cookie recipe.

Tom turkey picture

Tom Turkey Paper Doll

One of the great things about my Dover file is that it can help inspire me! I just take a look at the contents and then I in turn can inspire my grandchildren.

Tom Turkey dress up picture

Tom Turkey’s Clothes

To sign up for the website go to

Here is a letter from one of the families in the pilot program that has taken this idea to heart.

I just finished listening to Lesson 5, and wanted to thank you for the Dover
Samples resource idea!! I signed on, and got my first samples – they are great!
I now have a new document folder where I will put all those wonderful pages. My
son is going to love the Ultimate Maze page!

Thank you!


Happy filing and Merry Christmas!!

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