Epiphany about moving ahead in life

by Mary Ann on January 20, 2011

picture of a wagon wheel

Moving forward matters, not perfection

Getting started is HARD!! You know you want to move ahead, it is your plan, but you find yourself stuck, over and over again. When people are trying to implement The Spark Station or are working on making the five rules part of their lives they run into this wall – I just can’t get started.

I have a friend named Jody who has been mentoring with me. The other day she shared an epiphany that she had about moving forward and I want to share it with you.

She used an analogy of a wagon train. We each are part of the movement forward and we each have a wagon. However, we sometimes find ourselves sitting by the side of the road waiting for a better wagon to be built.

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If we sit waiting for perfection we will be left behind

What is wiser is to take our weak wagon wheel, with cracked hub, and put it on our hand cart, if that is all we presently have, along with our few meager supplies get on the trail.  If we sit long enough waiting for that beautiful, perfect ride, the rest of the pioneers will be long gone and we will be left behind. The ride may be bumpy and uncomfortable and less than perfect, but at least we will be moving forward. (This is a good time to remind yourself of the 1% principle found in the article Concentrate on one RIGHT thing for consistent improvement)

My friend Jody views her life as a trail that she is on even with her wobbly wheels and less than perfect wagon; better wobbly than left behind.

This applies when we are working on making adjustments to the atmosphere in our home or home school. As Jody said,.  “If we wait until we have the perfect Spark Station or the perfect room to put it in, we may well be left behind. The kids will be grown and will not have had the magical experience of The Spark Station.”

This progress, even if imperfectly, is even more important for the five rules of engagement. These principles when lived will make a huge difference in our family relationships and in the level of our happiness.

wagon wheel images

Principles, when lived, make a huge diffference

Do you have a family mission statement? Here are some family mission statement examples.

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Jody Jarvis January 21, 2011 at 5:00 am

I love the photos! Look at those Core Phase hubs!!
I needed to hear my own advice, again, too, as my road has been bumpy lately and I am tempted to get off the trail.
But I keep pluggin’ along ’cause that is what the Lord has told me to do.

Thanks Mary Ann for giving us this opportunity to build up our wagon wheels!


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