Funny short story with a moral for parents

by Mary Ann on January 19, 2011

Allow Learning to Happen

Family Road Trip pictures

The Family Road Trip

Have you read any stories about parents/parenting lately? Here is a good story. I do not know if it is a true story but if it isn’t it should be. You will understand when you read it. Wise, wise parents! As a mother of seven, not quite so wise, I loved this small story! It has a great moral too.

There was a family, a typical family.

They planned a trip to Disneyland. They were very excited.

Family vacation pictures

Very excited!

They packed the car.

They got snacks.

They got cozy.

They were ready for their seven hour drive.

Before the ignition was turned on, the mother stopped and spoke to the children. “We all want a lovely trip to Disneyland. It is a long drive. We will not tolerate any whining, or complaining, or arguing. Understand?” (Nodding heads)

“If there is whining, complaining or arguing, we will turn this car around and drive back

Family trip pictures

No whining, no complaining!

home. Understand?” (More nodding heads.)

Before they left the city limit, a child whined. The other complained.
The car silently turned around and drove straight home.

The shocked children complained loudly when their parents started to unpack the car.

The parents said, “Stop. No more complaining and maybe we can reschedule the trip to next weekend.”

The stunned children brought their bags back into their rooms.

The parents smiled to each other.

The reservations for Disney Land were made for the next weekend already. They always had been. 🙂

The following weekend the family had seven hours of heaven in the car together without whining, complaining or arguing.

The moral of this great short story: Allow Learning to Happen. Once learning happens, it will never be forgotten.

Disneyland balloons pictures

Allow learning to happen.

Hope you enjoyed this parenting story. You might also want to read about the Treasure hunt and the screaming child.

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