I Need a Wordsmith

by Mary Ann on January 18, 2011

Mary Ann home school coach pictures

Mary Ann Johnson – Home School Coach and Spark Station Expert

Are you excellent at articulating the un-articulatable? Would you be willing to support me in my work? Then I need you!

I am searching for someone who can help brand the home school coach and help me articulate my message?  Are you the person that can shape the message so that it moves from an “Oh, that’s nice” response to “I want that!”

I’ve discovered that most people who look at my blog respond with “Oh, that’s nice” but I want to articulate the power and value of this program. Here are some comments that I have gotten in the last few months.

I am gaining so much from this course… Not just our Spark Station has improved but the whole

environment in our home and the way we look at home school. Thank you so much! Your course is a gem.  Amanda B.

home school coach with grandson

Making rain sticks with Jack

I cannot tell you what a fan of yours I am!  Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration. You are truly opening my eyes and helping to transform my family. Leah S.

I can’t tell you how excited and thankful I am! I call this The Spark Station of my Heart program!! Heidi M.


home school coach with grand daughter

Reading the classics with Maggie

Hey Mary Ann… I just love you!! You are amazing and are doing a great work! Wow! This is a beautiful program! Truly! Truly! You are here to change lives! Thank you! Hana F.

Your program is fabulous! Linda R.

Mary Ann, I have to tell you, just about everything good I have heard or read about parenting and educating children recently has been from you or a quote of yours.  Thank you for sharing all that you do.  You are awesome and inspiring! Melissa D.

What I teach changes families and lives. I want to effectively get that message out and impact more families for good. Are you the one that can help me do that? I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

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Kimberly January 18, 2011 at 1:34 am

I am so inspired by your work and intentions! I’ll do my best to spread the word about your service:)


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