How a boy became interested in crochet

by Mary Ann on January 17, 2011

Should Boys Crochet?

Bombomb crochet pictures

The "Bombomb" croched by a 13 year old boy. It has a crocheted wind-up key attached to the back. This was the first thing he made, and the reason he wanted to learn to crochet.

I get the most wonderful and funny stories from families that I work with. Sometimes they are just so “classic” that I have to share.

You will learn a lot about Love of Learning by sharing this wonderful expereince from the Barber family.

“Here’s my funny crochet story. I started teaching one of my 9-year-old twins to crochet. Her twin is a natural at things like piano, violin, reading, and lots of other things. I have struggled to find something that the other twin does well. She wanted to learn to crochet, because she had seen me doing it to make some of the Christmas presents I did this past year. So I taught her, and she’s amazing at it. Her stitches are so perfect and they look like they were done by a machine. It’s been nice to have something to praise her for and she feels good that she can do it.

Two of my boys, ages 11 and 13 came to me during that time and also wanted to crochet. There is a little critter out there called the Bombomb, or something, that I don’t understand, but they had found a crochet pattern for it. If you’ve ever seen those crocheted hacky sack balls, that spherical shape is called an amigurumi in Japanese, and you can see how to make them on YouTube. One of their friends (boy) had learned to make them, and they also wanted to, so I got them started and they were off after the first thing, just making up their own patterns.

crochet boy pattern pictures

This is a guy with a bag, and it also has a boomerang that you can see next to it that fits into the bag. This was made by an 11 year old boy who made up the pattern.

I was kind of wondering if I should be worried about my boys wanting to do something that seemed so “girly” until the 13 year old got sick for a day and had to stay in bed. The 11 year old wanted to make him feel better, so he got some white yarn and crocheted a white blood cell, putting eyes on it, and also made him a little blue hatchet to go with it, for him to go scavenging for germs with. I figured if they’re going to make stuff like hatchet-wielding white blood cells, I probably don’t have to worry too much about their turning into sissies.

They did spend a lot of time making their toys for awhile, but they’ve since moved on to other things. I think one of the beauties about homeschooling is that children are able to stay focused on one thing for long periods of time, without constantly being interrupted by a bell forcing them to move on before they’re ready.

We couldn’t find the white blood cell to take a picture of. I even offered money, and he couldn’t find it, so it really must be gone, for now. Enjoy the rest of the crochet  pictures.” M. Barber

crochet ninja pattern pictures

This is a ninja that the 13 year old boy just made up on his own without a pattern.

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