Jody Jarvis’ wonderful Christmas with ginger bread house kit

by Mary Ann on January 14, 2011

making gingerbread house pictures

Schyler, Kenyon, Pierson,,

In December I asked for essays on The inspiration connection: How being inspired transforms the quality and effectiveness of our education. (The “Just before Christmas” Essay Contest)

Jody Jarvis (Our Contest Winner) took home the prize which was a gingerbread house kit. I just wanted you to see some pictures of the Christmas fun that they had as a family.

pictures of decorated gingerbread house

This was really fun

“Thank you for awarding our family with the gingerbread house making kit for my entry in the essay contest on your blog.  Our family had never done this together before, as far as I remember.  About 10 years ago we did get a professional gingerbread house kit for Christmas from someone but we never got around to making it.  Last year, as I was downsizing for a move, I finally threw it out (some of it had broken over the years).

Each year I always regretted not doing this with my kids, knowing that it would be a fun family activity.  Having separate houses for each family member was a fun idea (the professional kit only had one big house).

pictures of decorated gingerbread houses

What a nice job!

I am a recovering perfectionist and it is sometimes hard for me to let the rest of my family, especially my kids, have complete creative control when doing arts and crafts.  But I decided that I would do my houses the way I wanted to and allow them to do theirs the way they wanted to.  They all had their two houses finished before I had even finished my first one.  But everyone had a good,wonderful Christmas time and that is the most important thing for doing a family activity on Christmas.  Thanks again for this wonderful gift at Christmas.” Jody Jarvis

decorating gingerbread house pictures

The recovering perfectionist

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Jody Jarvis January 15, 2011 at 12:08 am

Yea! Thanks again for giving us this opportunity. And there is our Phantom Tollbooth Closet in the background, too!


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