Family mission statement- more examples

by Mary Ann on September 4, 2010

Here are more examples of family mission statements, as I promised in the previous post.

Sample mission statements.


The Palmer Family Mission Statement

The Joyful Palmers are a Team! Yeah!

Maggie, Jodie, Doug, Jack Palmer

We love, create, and protect family time, both one-one and everyone together.

We talk about our needs, thoughts and feelings, and we carefully listen to each other.

We treat each other with respect, patience, and kindness.

We speak and act in a way that allows the spirit to be with us.

We nurture, support, and celebrate each other’s ambitions, dreams and missions.

We are always honest and do the right thing even when no one is looking.

We courageously commit to public virtue.

We know that God loves us and we are wonderful and amazing!

We build our knowledge, skills, and attitudes of self-reliance and freedom.

We make everything around us better and more beautiful.

We build others up through service, sharing and love.

We protect our home and the Spirit dwells here.

We learn, live, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love is our compass and our anchor.

VI. Family Mission Statement

We, the [family name], believe that our purpose as a family is to [general mission statement]. We will accomplish this by:

• valuing [principal] and [principal] as our main guiding principals
• making our home a place of [adjective], [adjective], and [adjective]
• prioritizing [value or action] above lesser values
• interacting with each other in a spirit of [adjective]


Our Family Mission Statement

To encourage others to become like Christ through loving relationships,
healthy lifestyles, and stimulating experiences.


[Last name]’s Family Mission Statement

We are compassionate and kind.
We are committed to family.
We will be caring in our relationships with our family and friends.
We want to be role models and guides for our children.
We will encourage creative expression in each other.
We will lovingly support each other as we strive to reach our individual potentials.
We will grow old and wise together.

Our home will be filled with love and laughter.
Our sanctuary will inspire and renew us, enabling us to contribute our best to the world.
Our home will be a haven for our family and friends to gather and share life’s ups and downs.
Our home will be a nurturing place for children and animals.
Our home will be a safe and comfortable place for self-expression.

We enjoy helping others in our daily lives.
We strive to work with passion and discipline.
We want to bring the love and positive energy from our relationship into our careers and the world around us.
We will live our lives in a manner that is free from harm to other living beings.
We want to bring the peace within our home to our world community.

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at
home in the bosom of my family.

-Thomas Jefferson

For on line help in building your own mission statement try Franklin Covey.

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