The Leadership Education Family Builder Program

by Mary Ann on September 7, 2010

I am so happy to announce a wonderful program for you and your family. I have been very privileged to be part of the Leadership Education Family Builder program as one of the enrichment sessions.

What is the Leadership Education Family Builder?

The Leadership Education Family Builder Program

Whether you’re new to Leadership Education, also known as Thomas Jefferson Education, or you’re a veteran and want to take your family to the next level, this program provides a virtual mentoring process to help you successfully implement Leadership Education in your home.

  • Is Leadership Education right for you, but you’re unsure how to implement it in your home?
  • Are you struggling with the paradigm shift from conveyor belt to leadership education?
  • Does “Inspire not Require” leave you mystified?
  • Are you experienced, but know you need to take your family to the next level?

Leadership Education Family Builder helps you begin implementing leadership education principles in ways that are unique to your family.

I had the privilege of listening in on a four week webinar with the Leadership Family Builder Program. It was really worth my time. I learned so much, was reminded of so much and made new commitments to my home and family.

Jodie Palmer

Diann Jeppson

This wonderful program was written and is taught by Jodie Palmer and Diann Jeppson. They are amazing women and really know their stuff. If you really want to take your families education to the next level I encourage you to take a look at their program at

You can even sample this wonderful program without cost. There are three downloads that you can access without cost at

I know you will enjoy and benefit from what you learn.

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