Skills to build character while you read

by Mary Ann on March 30, 2012

Do you have things come into your life that you just love? I do. I have a number of wonderful resources that I want to share with you over the next few days. Bear in mind that I am NOT being paid to tell you about these resources. I just like them.

The first one is the Ten Boom Institute. They have a mission that I just love.

Inspiring individuals and families to better themselves through studying great works and applying the true principles they contain.

My Search for Reading Skills

Here is why I love it. I went to college in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I majored in Special Education. Many years later, in my 40’s I went back and finished and got my Master’s. With all of that school you would think that I would feel pretty educated. Right!

Well the truth is that I didn’t. I knew that I had not developed good reading strategies. Oh, over the years I had read thousands of books. I taught myself to read at age 4. However, I had not learned any skills to help me build character while I read. There is more to reading than just reading comprehension, knowing what you just read. I wanted to be more clear about why what I read was important or not.

I didn’t know how to see symbolism, how to extract principles, and other valuable skills. I had never been taught anything about how to determine what a classic was. Since that time I have really wanted to develop better reading strategies.

In my search for venues to learn and practice new skills I have run across the Ten Boom Institute. I listened to a free class called “How to Hold Dynamic Book Discussions”. WOW!

I had attended a book club every month for about a year in my church. Then I dropped out because it just wasn’t about the book. It was enjoyable, we had great refreshments and we learned a lot about each other. But it really wasn’t about exploring a book.

I had recently been giving it another try but I realized that most of us in the group really didn’t know what a book group should accomplish or how to make it happen. The call helped me so much and I learned a lot.

Skills to Build Character While You Read

At the Ten Boom Institute they want you to be able to build character while you read by mastering four types of skills:

  • Discussion
  • Research and analysis
  • Organizing thoughts
  • Oral and written persuasion

Here is why I am telling you about the Ten Boom Institute now. They are having another free class. It is a class which I am equally interested in, how to find principles in a book and how to ask good questions.

I have heard over and over that when the student is ready the teacher will come. I have been thinking a lot lately about good question asking skills; now, voila, a chance to learn more. I just love how the universe works!

I also suggest that you check out the institute itself. They have amazing courses for adults. Truly educated adults can lead families better. So just in case this is a topic that interests you, here is the information on the call.

Free Call to Learn Skills to build character while you read:

“Principles & Questions:
The Heart of Study & Discussion”
What will be covered:
• What principles are and why they matter
• How to study for principles
• How to discern between principles, opinions and applications
• How questions aid learning
• 5 types of questions to ask when reading and discussing

When: Thursday, April 5th at 7:30 MST 8:30 pm CST
How: *To join us dial: 661-673-8600 Access code 373301#
For more information about our courses, products or events visit us

I would love to hear about your experience with the Ten Boom Institute and their classes.

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