Listening and responding to children

by Mary Ann on February 3, 2011

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The Freeman boys and their interest in "burps"

When we think of getting “sparks” of ideas from our children about things that may interest them we can be surprised by what comes up. Here is a funny letter I received and I think you will laugh too.

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Evan, age 6

Hi MaryAnn, I am working hard, but it took me longer than I expected to get

boy on bench picture

Owen, age 4

my Spark Station organized! But, success at last! I just picked up my five books at the library last night. One of the books that I picked up at the library is about the human body and burps (lol! yes, two boys in my family) and I was following a spark! Their obsession with bodily functions is hilarious and they are wondering why these things happen! What fun! (funny! is more like it!) Anyways, I will keep you posted! Thanks so much for your wisdom…really and truly. Luvs, Hana

So here are two boys interested in all the gas that can escape from a body in many different ways. Not a mother’s fondest topic! However, this mom knows how to listen and respond!! Who knows what other wonderful things they may learn about our majestic bodies as they unravel the mystery of burps and…well you know!

Even little boys interested in burps can grow up and be President [woodrow wilson president].

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