Five classical education methods

by Mary Ann on February 1, 2011

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Classic learning includes reading and being read to

Trivium/Quadrivium Education – The Romans created a system of study known as the “seven liberal arts” which were divided into two phases:  the trivium and the quadrivium. Students pursued the first level of learning, the trivium, which included gaining skill in grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Once these three skills were mastered, students studied arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music theory which together comprise the more difficult mathematically oriented quadrivium. The purpose of this type of education is to be able to engage in critical thinking. It is in short, a Classical education

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Classical Christian Education

Classical Education – This is interpreted in a number of ways.

* An education in the Classics, especially in Ancient Greek and Latin

* A Classical Education Movement, based on the trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) and

quadrivium (astronomy, arithmetic, music and geometry)

*Classical Christian Education, an application of the classical education movement with

an emphasis on the Christian faith.

These classical education styles teach rhetoric, the art of speaking, communicating, and writing.

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Thomas Jefferson Education

Thomas Jefferson Leadership Education (TJED) – This is also called leadership education. It was explained and organized by Oliver and Rachel DeMille. It is an educational philosophy and a methodology by which great individuals throughout history were educated.

Leadership Education has three primary goals. The first is to train thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and statesmen. The second is to perpetuate freedom by helping people understand what freedom is and what must be done to maintain it. The third is to teach students how to think, which is how the first two goals are accomplished(TJEd blog).

To accomplish these goals classics and mentors are used. The student studies the greatest works ever created, and submits to the guidance of great mentors, who customize the education for the student’s mission in life.

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Enki education

Enki Education – This method draws from the best of Waldorf, Montessori, the United Nations International School, Theme Studies and even the discovery learning of John Holt. The central task of education is the integration of body, heart, and mind – this is the fundamental premise of Enki Education.

Theme study – This is in-depth research on a topic, issue, person, or content-area idea, in which reading and writing are used as tools for learning. It is used to encourage students to think as researchers, writers, and presenters. It builds enthusiasm, curiosity and provides children with purposes for high-level learning.

Whew, that was a lot to take in.  First we learned about Waldorf, Montessori & Charlotte Mason educational methods.  Next we learned about about some varied home schooling styles and methods, and today we learned about some  types of classical education. Now you and I are more conversant with some of the educational options, styles and methods that are available.  A big thank you to the person who sent me on this adventure in learning!

If you want an adventure in learning for your children read Cherokee Indians for kids.

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