Daily Success

by Mary Ann on May 15, 2010

Kate, the 20 year old

I was reading some of my blogs to my twenty year old daughter. I like to run them by my friends because I know they will tell me if they don’t make sense. She made a comment here and there and I appreciated her attention and focus on what is important to me. When I was done reading I asked her what she thought. “They’re good mom. I really like reading them. Its candy writing; it’s tasty and enjoyable to read.” What a great thing for her to say. That is exactly what I try to do here.

I want creating a Spark Station to be enjoyable. I want staying present with your children to be delicious. I want your family culture to be cozy, warm and inviting and for your educational space to be inspiring. I want you to have small daily successes that keep you going. I want you to find a way to be patient with your efforts and those of your children. “I want you to come here because it feels good to learn how to make wonderful changes happen, and then actually see the transformation in your own home. That’s sweet indeed.”

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