The Power of Positive

by Mary Ann on May 15, 2010

Andrew, the gardener

Have any of you ever been discouraged about your Spark Station, your home school, finances, relationships, or the direction your child is going? I am sure that you have and so have I. Today I had the most remarkable experience that I can’t wait to share with you.

This blog is about life and families and education, miracles and magic. What I want to share today is about all of those.

I have a son that I love with all of my heart. I know that he loves me dearly too, however, we don’t talk. I mean that, we don’t talk. I call him and I ask questions and he answers with yes and no and eventually I run out of questions and we say good bye.

For a couple of years I have been on a quest to learn more about receiving good into my life. I grew up believing that everything was hard work and a struggle. As I neared my 60th year I said “Man, I am tired. There has to be a way to have what I need without so many struggles.” So I have been on a quest. I have read books, scriptures, listened to dozens of webinars and talked with and listened to other people. It has been an illuminating few years.

At the beginning of the year I made a list of things that I want in my life. They aren’t things in a physical sense but things in a quality of life sense. For them to happen would be miracles. Because of what I have learned I wrote them down and every now and then I read over them and I pray about them, waiting for opportunities.

Recently I heard and then met a remarkable woman, Leslie Householder. She wrote the best selling book “The Jack Rabbit Factor” and “Portal to Genius”. Well, I read her book, looked at her 19 Principles of Success and watched the Stickman Video. I started to get it. I can see that success is possible and life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle and so hard. There is work, which is a universal principle, but struggle, that is a choice.

I was so impressed with what I learned that I sent the link for the information to all of my children. I wanted them to have liberation of mind and be expanded in their thinking. My son Andrew, the one I referenced at the beginning of this blog, lost his job some months ago. He has been a bit down. It was a job that he had given his heart and soul to and had gotten very little back. Every time we would have our stilted conversations I would ask him if he had read the book and looked at the information. I have to admit I nagged just a bit!

Today my son called me. He talked with me for about 40 minutes. I ran out of things to say and I kept expecting the call to end but my son wanted to talk with me, he wanted to share what he was learning and he wanted to tell me thanks. He is a very quiet man and not very demonstrative but I could hear that he was really happy and excited and grateful. He wanted me to know that he was glad I had nagged!

He has read the book. He has been practicing the 19 principles of success and they are working for him. His car has been broken down for a number of months. After reading the book he set the goal to get his car fixed. Within a few days he got two calls with offers of help and less expensive parts that he needed, to do the repairs.

There is a reason that I am bringing this up. It does relate to your home school and to your Spark Station and your family culture and relationships and work. It relates to every good thing that you want in life. How we think and feel and talk really does make a difference in the outcome!! That is what I learned from Leslie Householder and it is what Andrew learned. Sometimes, in order to have what we want we have to change how we think about it, we have to alter our mind chatter, we have to be grateful for what is and then look for more.

Let me end with a fabulous example of what I mean. Andrew is an avid gardener. He has a very small yard which he tends with loving care. Last year he planted sunflowers which the snails promptly ate. He planted them again this year. To ward off the snails he put pans of beer in the garden. Last night there was a very big storm. He was sitting in the living room worrying about his 1″ high sunflower seedlings. He had this thought, “Last year the snails got them and this year it’s the storm”. Then he caught himself and remembered the success principles. He changed his mind chatter to this, “It isn’t morning yet and so I am not going to sit here and worry about what hasn’t happened. They will be just fine.” When he went out to check on the seedlings this morning he told me that not only were they just fine, in fact, there seemed to be twice as many sprouts and the garden was filled with very happy, drunken snails!

I can tell you that one of the miracles that I wrote down and have been praying about is coming to pass; my son and I are talking again. I hope all of you will take the time to go to Leslie’s website and download a free copy of her book “The Jack Rabbit Factor” and watch the “Stickman” video. It just may help you to bring your hoped for miracles to pass!

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