Kids want to learn and kids love to explore!

by Mary Ann on August 4, 2011

little Jack with the garden he built

Jack's "I built it myself" garden

Children really are wonderfully eager to learn! This last Monday I wrote about last Fridays Traveling Closet. We learned all about gardening for children. Today my grandson made his own garden and then called his mom. “Do you want to see what I just made that is GREAT!!?” Jack was very excited.

Jack had made his own garden. His wonderful mom captured it on video for you to enjoy.

Then, if you recall, the first week of July I went on a vacation with Jack and Maggie. Our Traveling Closet that week was all about Fairies and we built a fairy house in the woods at Yellowstone Park. I sent the link to that post to my granddaughters in Colorado.

A while later I received these lovely pictures of their fairy houses in their back yard. They had learned about fairies too.

fairy houses in the back yard

Ashley, Aubrey and Lizzy's backyard fairy house

girl with the fairy dress she made

Lizzy's fairy dress creation

It doesn’t really matter so much what you share with children. They are truly eager to learn, to think about new things and to experiment with what they learn. Kids are natural adventurers and kids love to explore. The biggest challenge we as parents have is making time to share with them, listening to them and giving them real conversation in return. What we have the biggest challenge doing is “being present”.  So help your children learn better and with more joy by being present with them and doing some learning yourself.

Being present is a skill that anyone can learn and when we adults do learn it and then implement it into our homes it can be truly transformational.  Why not read a bit more about the art of “being present” and then practice it next week. It won’t be easy but the more you do it the better you will get. Why not come back at the end of the week and leave me a comment. I want to know how it goes! : )

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