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by Mary Ann on August 8, 2011

fables books pictures

Fables and Tall Tales

I was soooooo impressed with the books!! There were fables, tall tales and fairy tales from all over the world. I couldn’t stop looking at all the pictures and reading the stories.

This would be perfect for the Traveling Closet. I could tell the kids all about fables and we would read stories and have so much fun!! Anticipation is a wonderful thing.

Sometimes the anticipation is better than the event. Today’s Traveling Closet didn’t go quite how I anticipated it would. That is really a good thing because it lets me remind you of what is real when working with children. They don’t always love your ideas, they aren’t always interested, sometimes they want to do what they want and that is how it is.

I get letters from mom’s who say “We have had such a wonderful time for the last few weeks. This week it just isn’t going as well.” Welcome to the real world. We get in trouble when we can’t let go of our expectations and adjust to what is happening. We need to be flexible.

So how did it go today? Jack wanted to go to the store with his mom. I showed him all the amazing books. I showed him the tipi we were going to make. I told him we were having tacos!!! No dice. He wasn’t having any of it. He was going to the store.

tipi craft pictures

Maggie's "half-hearted" tipi and mine

So it was Maggie and me. She loves reading but these books weren’t all that exciting to her. We read about three. We made our tipi but she was very half hearted about it. She made it perfectly clear she didn’t want to color Paul Bunyan or Babe, his blue ox!

So I let go of my expectations and adjusted. I decided that being flexible might be my best option.  “Maggie lets go to the garden and water and have our reading lesson on the way. OK” BIG happy response. I have been teaching Maggie reading and she is so excited about it. We have been talking about all the ways words are used and how important they are. We did that on the way to the garden and back. We talked about each street sign, stop sign, for sale sign and so forth.

stop sign picture

Doing some reading recognition activities

Back at home we filled up the swimming pool. Maggie was in the bouncer hanging from the tree. Since it was just her I stuck the pool right under her. Because it was just her we filled it all the way to the top. She played in the hose and got soaking wet; we ate ice cream.

That was how today’s grandma school went. Maggie and I had a great time. We had an “its summer time” time. Jack had fun shopping and later swimming with us. That is how it is sometimes. You have to let go of expectations and be OK with how it goes. That makes for happy Grandmas and happy children. It also makes for happy mommas and dads.

Tomorrow I will give you all the information on what I planned on doing today. It really was a great plan and your children may just love it!

little girl playing in the garden

The end of a very successful, if very different than planned, Grandma School. Flexibility saved the day!

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