What are the ABC’s of home schooling?

by Mary Ann on January 26, 2011

Home School A B C’s In Two Parts

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ABC's of Homeschooling

I borrowed this post from my friend Jody at You Lead the Way. I think you will like it.


is for the Adults that can share their talents with children and help them discover the joy of learning. They are parents, neighbors,

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Fathers are great mentors

friends, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, and anyone else willing to share their gifts with children.


is for the thousands of Books that we can read and learn from. Quot libros, quam breve tempus! (So many books, so little time!)


is for College. Yes, homeschoolers can go to college without a diploma from a public or private school. If it is your goal to attend college, it is possible. Many colleges actively seek homeschool applicants.


is for the Dictionary that is always available to help us learn how to spell a word or understand the meaning of a new word that we find in the thousands of books that we read as homeschoolers.


is for Experiences. Education as a homeschooler is full of real learning experiences like swimming with manatees, banding wood ducks, turning your garage into a puppet theater, starting your own business, writing things that are important to you in your journal, creating a chemistry lab in your kitchen, using a dictionary to spell words with, and reading books for fun.


is for Family. Homeschool families have a closer relationship with each other. They enjoy spending time together. They do many

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Dads like playing too!

things together. They read together. They play games together. They go hiking together. They do puzzles together. They play music together. They cook dinner together.


is for the Grades that homeschoolers do not have to worry about. You do not have to learn to spell to get a passing grade. You learn to spell because you ask your parent how do you spell “chocolate”. You can make a mistake on a math problem, learn from it and not worry about failing the test. You do not have to memorize and regurgitate facts for a history test grade, but you can study and learn about any topic in history that interests you.


is for Homeschoolers, from those who have been teaching their children from before there were school institutions to modern day homeschoolers who have eased the way for new parents to regain the freedom of choice for the education of their children.


is for Independence. Homeschoolers are independent learners and have the freedom to learn without the artificial constraints of an institutional school. You can learn to read at four years old or ten years old without fear of being labeled “gifted and talented” or an “at-risk student”.


is for Journals. Journals are a great way to learn how to write. You are writing about the subject you know the best, yourself! Write, write, write! Believe it or not, you are on an adventure called Life!


is for the Kitchen. The most important room in your home where most of life’s true lessons are learned, from cooperation to reading,

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Kitchen - a place to talk

from cleanliness to division, from togetherness to chemical reactions. All classrooms should look like a big friendly kitchen with a warm glowing hearth!


is for Libraries. Visit your local library often! Check out books on tape or old movies on video, research a favorite subject, read the newspaper, ask the librarian questions. Read, read, read… and then read some more!


is for Music. Music teaches many life skills that go beyond playing an instrument, like patience, persistence, and joy! Learning to play a musical instrument should be fun. Practice should be something that students look forward to and don’t dread. Turn your home into a recital hall. Practice for a performance. Invite friends to share your music with and invite them to share their talents with you! Listen to music when you do math. Listen to a variety of music. Attend concerts and musicals as a family! There are many good bargains available for musical entertainments that are less expensive than the price of movie tickets and popcorn for a family night out!


is for New Ideas. Homeschoolers have the freedom to try new ideas. Their schedule is flexible enough that if the opportunity arises to work with a wildlife biologist banding wood ducks, they can do it. Spur of the moment learning is always an option. Try a new recipe, read a new book, play outside when the sun is shining in the middle of winter, experiment with a new business idea. The possibilities for new ideas are endless.

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