Water Bottle Crafts Ideas for Kids

by Mary Ann on September 14, 2011

water bottle crafts picture

Water Bottle Crafts

Today’s blog has absolutely nothing to teach you or your children except that some days are just for fun! I thought about water bottle crafts because my daughter and son in law came to live with us for three weeks while they were waiting for their new apartment to open up. They drink a lot of bottled water. Soon I noticed that there was a collection of water bottles building up and I wondered what in the world to do with them. Of course some of them ended up in my “creation box” but what to do with the rest? So I did some searching around and found some of the cutest ideas for water bottle crafts and I just had to share them with you. Here are five simple crafts with water bottles.

1. Magnetic Monsters

magnetic monster water bottle craft picture

Magnetic Monster, chenille stems with eyes

You will need:

  • Tacky white glue or gorilla glue
  • Chenille stems cut into about 1-2 inch pieces.
  • Wiggle eyes (Choose sizes that will fit through the bottle opening)
  • A strong magnet
  • An empty water bottle
  • Heavy string

a. Snip the chenille stems into pieces.

b. Glue one eye to each piece of chenille stem.

c. Put a good number of these one eyed monsters in your clean and dry bottle.

d. Glue the lid in place.

e. Use the magnet to capture pieces of your pipe cleaners and bring them together to create your monsters. (The picture at the top of the blog shows pipe cleaners without eyes)
Idea courtesy: I Can Teach My Child

2. Water Bottle Collage

water bottle collage picture

Water Bottle Collage

You will need:

  • A clean empty water bottle
  • Strips of colored paper
  • Scissors

a. Fill your bottle with strips of colored paper that has been cut into different widths and lengths. Why not fold roll or curl some of the strips.

b. Put the paper strips into the water bottle.

c. Glue the lid in place.

e. See what different kinds of effects you can get by varying the types of paper, color of paper and how full you fill your bottle.
Idea courtesy: Teach Preschool

3. Make a Landscape in a Plastic Bottle

scenes in bottles picture

Scene in a Bottle

You will need:

  • A clean and dry plastic water bottle
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic miniatures from the craft store

a. Remove the plastic bottle’s label and discard it.

b. Cut out an oval or rectangle shape out of the side of the plastic bottle.

c. Look at the piece that came off of the plastic bottle, this is how large the scene can be.

d. Glue a landscape on cardboard. You can find miniature figurines at the craft store or you can draw and cut out some from paper.

e. Glue the plastic bottle around the landscape. And there you have it…a landscape in a bottle.
Idea courtesy: Artists Helping Children

4. Baby Rattle

baby rattle water bottle crafts

Baby Rattle

You will need:

  • A clean dry water bottle
  • Glue
  • Rice, sequins, beads
  • Craft ribbon

a. Put some rice, sequins and beads inside the bottle.

b. Glue the lid in place.

c. Tie and glue ribbons around the neck of the bottle.

Craft ribbons are dye fast and do not fray so are safe to use.  Craft glue is non toxic.
Idea courtesy: Craft Bits

5. Water Bottle Bird Feeder Craft

water bottle bird feeder craft pictures

Water Bottle Bird Feeder

You will need:

  • A clean dry water bottle
  • Scissors
  • Pencils or spoons
  • Bird seed

a. Poke holes in the water bottle where the pencil or spoon will go through.

b. Cut a small hole above that one so the birds can perch on the pencil and reach in to get seeds.

c. You can cut one set of holes or two as shown in the picture.

d. Once you have your holes cut, add your pencils or spoons and fill with seed.

e. The more mixed your seed, the greater the mix of birds.

Idea courtesy: Messy Fingers Science

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