My own Personal Retreat or Power break

by Mary Ann on October 7, 2011

fall colors picture

Fall is my favorite time of year

It has been a long summer for me. I don’t know why that is other than I have had a lot of new things to learn (technology) and I have done some really new things (namely presentations). Learning new things can be wearing sometimes, as well as exhilarating and in this case both.

Anyway, I have been contemplating taking a rest of sorts, actually having my own personal retreat or power break. In fact this personal retreat idea has just become more and more appealing to me as the summer has waned.

When I was a young mom I thought about having a personal retreat a lot. One might, in truth, call it thinking about running away. I loved my family and I loved being a mom but sometimes I just thought that a day or two without the usual demands sounded mighty good. You know, a time to recoup, pull myself together, and tie up the mental loose ends.

I had mentally picked a spot. Maine! On the beach in front of a light house, a come in daily housekeeper and cook. I would write, and think, rest, relax. Ahhhhhhhh. Never happened!

light house near beach picture

My fantasy retreat - Maine!

However, it looks as if this time it is actually going to come together. I have been thinking about it for months. In fact, I actually put it on my vision board and then took it off. I don’t really need that I assured myself. I can work at home. I don’t have to answer the phone or the door. I don’t have to say yes to the next thing that comes down the line……Who am I kidding.

My daughter is going on a retreat of her own. There is a small break in her school schedule and she and her husband are going on a short trip. Her house is going to be empty! I could go there for a couple of days. It is in the same city, only a couple of miles from me actually. But it isn’t my house. It is someplace else. Someplace new. Someplace not teeming with daily tasks, people and things to do. Its an on-campus married housing unit. Definitely not Maine!  Hmmmmmm, might be perfect.

So I am going. Really. I mean it. I am going to pack up all the scraps of paper in my office, my notes to myself – ideas about projects, thoughts about change, decisions about moving forward in this way or that. Yup, I am going to pack them all up and go to my daughters, sort them out, engage my head and think. Maybe make some decisions. Maybe. For sure I am going to have quiet, and space, and no phone! I think that it will be nice to be free of the daily expectations. There must be value in slowing down and having time alone. So here is how I finally went on a retreat.

There are seasons of life where much time alone is not really possible or feasible, but even an hour or two at a park with a book can do wonders! It has taken 61 years but I do believe that a retreat is in my immediate future. Stay tuned and I will tell you if it made any difference.



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Leah October 8, 2011 at 5:34 am

I have only taken a ‘couples’ retreat….over nighters here and there or or a weekend. That does wonders for a relationship but I’ve never considered a ME retreat! That could do wonders for my relationship with me! I feel motivated to do so now ..thank you! I have to admit MaryAnn….When in saw your blog post title “personal retreat”, I immediately assumed you were announcing that you were going to host your own Mom’s retreat like Diann Jeppson just did a few weeks ago. I was so exited. But now that I have read the post, I am thrilled for you honoring yourself and taking this time for you. thank you for “inspiring” that in me too! Much love, Leah Spencer


Kimberly October 9, 2011 at 9:44 am

I’m on one now:) it’s close to home, so sometimes I have visitors, but I have taken off my housewife hat and replaced it with art and meditation…. Bliss.


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