Keep things simple for a stress free life

by Mary Ann on July 8, 2011

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Adjusting to a simpler life!

When is it time to simplify? That is such a difficult question to answer whether we are talking about our personal and family schedules, our Closet contents, curriculum which sometimes runneth over or our hobbies.

I find myself faced with that very question. I have a few mentors for different areas of my life. Right now I have a wonderful business mentor. I needed one because I found myself working twelve hour days and not getting things done. Hours spent does not equal results!

I have been tracking how I spend my time for the last two days just to see what in the world I am doing in those hours. I am finding a few surprises.

I am tracking my time because my mentor suggested that I cut back my writing to three times a week instead of five. YIKES!!!!! I love writing and frankly, this is my baby. I hadn’t really realized that until the suggestion was made.

You would think it would be an easy decision. After all I teach five very important rules which make life work better. One of them is to “keep it simple”. However, it hasn’t been an easy decision for me. I have pondered on it my whole vacation. I worry how it will feel to free up some time. I worry that you will be disappointed. I worry that maybe I’ll be disappointed.

And there it is. That is what we all face when it comes to simplifying. We have to deal with the emotions that come with cutting something loose.

I have made great strides in the last few years in the simplifying department. I have less furniture, less clothes, no unfinished crafts hiding in boxes and no sewing that I plan to do someday. No mending is hanging around and no extra recipes that I might cook or at least not too many. I have only missed one thing that I have jettisoned from my life, my gallon jar of buttons!

So I think I’ll take my mentors advice and write a bit less and open up some space for creation. It is going to feel scary at first but I’ll adjust. I hope that you all stay with me and read on because the quality won’t change, just the quantity. : )

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Kimberly July 10, 2011 at 7:47 pm

Your mentor is very wise. And you are very wise to listen to her:) Simplifying allows us to savor the journey.


Mary Ann Johnson July 10, 2011 at 8:14 pm

Hi Kimberly,

She is wise and following her took some real strength of will. A good lesson for me!


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