Rule Four – Keep it Simple

by Mary Ann on July 9, 2010

After my daughters wedding and the changes that that brought I found myself in an odd place. I moved through my days the same as before but I wasn’t the same, Don wasn’t the same and life wasn’t the same. It was definitely time for a purge.So I put everything on hold for just a few days and I went to work. A family we know was trying to raise money for a child with a life threatening illness who needed to get to a special medical camp in Maine. I donated all of the furniture from Kate’s old room except the beds. It was really fine furniture and I might need it in the future but I don’t need it right now.

I turned her old room into a dormitory of sorts, lots of beds; so that when family comes fewer need to sleep on the floor. I love going into the emptiness and uncluttered space of that room and visualizing it filled with squealing grandchildren of all ages and sizes.

I moved all of the book cases and all of the books. That was a daunting task to be sure. I lovingly reconnected with all the books I have saved from my own childhood and youth, the books that have moved me the most and those few that I really must read soon. I found many duplicates which I gladly donated so that someone else could have the joy of reading and owning them.

The living room is new; everyone that comes comments on the energy in the room, its spaciousness and order. It feels really good!

The bedroom is new. Every drawer is cleaned and orderly and many things have found their way into other people’s homes. Some furniture is gone, the rest rearranged. I feel rejuvenated.

The office is brighter. Bags of paper have met the garbage can. Files are cleaned out and only what we need to save remains. Old printers and other equipment have gone to new homes.

I believe that everything has an energy, people, furniture, possessions. I believe that the more we posses the more energy it takes to manage those possessions. I feel as if I have freed up a great deal of energy which I can use for many things that interest me.

I am not done with my purge. The kitchen is still as it was and all the contents of one closet are now on a bed waiting to be sorted. The basement is full and calling to me. However, I am content for now. I have many new spaces in my new life and it feels good. I feel lighter.

In the book Leadership Education: The Phase of Learning by the DeMille’s there are fifty five ingredients for educational and family success. Ingredient 6 is “The Six Month Purge”. This is the suggestion which is given: “Every six months purge your house. Throw away or donate anything you do not need. Then, donate what you think you might need but are not sure, and store whatever you really need but have not used lately and will not be using this month.”

I have never been fond of the six month purge. It isn’t the giving and throwing away that is hard, it is the work. So I attempt to live my life purging as I go. I am pretty good at it.

It is important to make time in our lives for the few things that will really make a difference in our ability to manage and thrive. I have taken a few days and done some of the things that have made a difference to me. It is important to know, really know, that time never opens up of its own accord. We have to make time, we have to take time or the unimportant and the immediate will absorb all of our time.

As you look at your life make a decision to unclutter it and your space; stop holding onto things that you may need but haven’t used for a while. The world is an abundant place and if you truly need it later it will be provided again.

If you are having a hard time keeping your home clean, have a family purge. If you feel strapped for time and never have time for family and self it is time for a calendar purge. If your Spark Station isn’t working review the Five Rules of Engagement and do a purge.

InLeadership Education: the Phasesof Learning you will get help with these house cleaning items by reading ingredient seven and eight; the six month “no” and the six month inventory. Make space in your life for what really matters, what is really important. Free up your energy and your time for your self and your family. Let go of so many possessions and things, and activities.

I know that those who have been waiting for the Master Inspire Plan information will forgive me for holding them off a few days as I regrouped, reevaluated and readjusted to the new place in my life. Thank you!!

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