The Spark Station-The basic home schooling tool

by Mary Ann on September 30, 2010

This is the first  in a series of posts, starting at basics of using The Spark Station


The Spark Station is a magical space where children love to learn and where parents inspire their children.

It is a tool that allows parents to introduce their children to topics of interest that they hope their children will engage with. These can include math, science,writing, reading, geography, geology, family history, cooking, adult skills and so forth.

It is also a tool which helps parents respond to the things that are of current interest to their children.

It is designed to allow children to choose from a number of activities and topics of interest and engage with them in their own way. It allows children ages 0 to approximately 12 to learn about a great many things in a survey manner as opposed to an in depth study.

As a tool, when used correctly, it can be very helpful in relieving the tension that comes when parents require children to study a certain topic in a certain way. It is helpful in removing barriers to self education because education becomes enjoyable. It is helpful in removing the pressure to learn from the child and can help parents feel more confident that their children are learning.

The Spark Station is usually an actual closet which can be secured from children and is used only at specified times.

The Spark Station isn’t your family learning time. It is a tool that is offered during family learning time. Because The Spark Station is such an exciting tool and parents get so anxious for their children to use it, they often confuse it with structured time. During your structured family learning time, school time, educational time, structured time, whatever your family calls it, you gather together for the amount of time you have pre-determined and
you learn together. On some days all of your children might find something they want to do in The Spark Station. You may have a child who wants to play a game that isn’t in The Spark Station or read a book or cook or any number of other possibilities. The Spark station is just one tool in your educational arsenal to create a magical and inspiring learning environment.

home-school-field tripsYou do not have to spend all your structured time in one room, every day, just using The Spark Station. Occasionally your structured time might be in the park talking about how ducks swim, why they don’t sink, what they eat, etc. You might be examining trees and bushes, flowers and weeds and comparing them,dissecting them, or naming them. Maybe you will visit a museum or the city water plant. Your structured time is about inspiring and learning, not about a room and a closet.


Creating a Magical Learning Space for Kids learning fun for kids

The Elements of the Spark Station Spark Station-best-homeschooling-tool
The Spark Station Phases Spark Station-phases

This is Basic home school basics

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