A Special Gift for Your Family – “The Week Before Christmas” packet

by Mary Ann on December 15, 2012

A Gift for You – “The Week before Christmas” packet

kids doing a Christmas craft

An activity from “The Week before Christmas” packet

Last week I sent a Christmas Gift to all my past students, mentees and those who have called, emailed or touched my life in some way, the  The Week before Christmas” packet. I wanted to stay connected and thank them for being part of my life. I realize that many of you who visit my blog may not be in my personal data base and I don’t want you to miss out. So at the end of this blog you will find a copy of the letter, an invitation to stay connected and a Christmas gift from me to you. Have a very Merry Holiday season.

little girl doing Christmas activity

Our reindeer antlers looked like ears. Silly!

Last night I had my grandkids over for the evening. There are four things that they REALLY like and expect to do at my house.

• Eat dinner
• Take a bath
• Read
• Make something fun

So we ate right away and then I introduced them to one of the super simple activities from “The Week before Christmas packet”. We made donut snowmen and donut reindeer. We learned that frosting and candies do not stick on powdered donuts very easily! We learned that if you don’t keep an eye on them the noses will disappear from off the snowmen’s faces. (Jack was that you?)

We learned that working on the floor is just right, as the mess is right where you can sit in it easily! We learned that cutting pretzels for antlers is not as easy as it looks and that if you don’t do it right you have ears. Reindeer look very funny with ear shaped antlers. We learned that we love working together and that the whole project only took about 20 minutes. Then we ate!

children making snowman donuts

Cutting pretzels id NOT easy!

As many of you know my granddaughter Maggie has cerebral palsy. We learned that this project takes a lot of finger and thumb movements. That is something that is pretty tough for Maggie. So she watched while Jack and Mary made their snowmen and reindeer and then I helped Maggie so she could grasp each little M&M and put it on herself.

girl with cerebral palsy

Helping Maggie use her thumb and forefinger to hold M&M’s

We had a lot of FUN! Then we took the baths that are always on the list when visiting grandmas.

I want to invite you to download The Week before Christmas”packet

and spend a bit of time each evening the seven days before Christmas having some fun with your family.

You can find the information on how to get The Week before Christmas” packet below:

Are you in the holiday mood yet? I have the tree up
and have already made gingerbread houses with lots
of kids. Always a fun time of year!

Before I get so busy I forget to tell you, and before
you’re so enthralled in the holidays that your head is
in a whirl I want to tell you –

I’m making a change and sending a gift!

I’m expanding my reach to share my message of more
joyous parenting and I have some wonderful information
for this next year concerning families, parenting and
personal growth. I am excited to share it with you.
In the past I have sent things like this to you via my
personal email. That is how this letter is coming to
you now. : )

However, I want to make a change. I want to send
this valuable and exciting information using an
email service to prevent spam and give you the
option to unsubscribe. It is just safe and efficient
for both of us.

While you have attended a class, signed up for a
drawing, listened in on a webinar and in some cases
even emailed me, your email address hasn’t been
confirmed in my email service.

I would like to stay connected with you.

I hope you are interested in staying connected with
me. If that is the case please click on the link below
and let’s make it happen.

Yes, let’s stay connected!

A Special Gift for Your Family


This is the season for giving thanks and I am thankful for you.
I have appreciated all the wonderful
parents and grandparents that have sat in my classes,
joined me on webinars and conference calls and have spent
whole days with me at workshops. I appreciate you because
I know you are a seeker, one of those rare people who isn’t
satisfied with the status quo but wants to be better, do
better and live better.

It has been a privilege during the past three years to
meet you and teach you. It has been a privilege to share
ways to grow personally and in doing so become a better
parent. I have enjoyed watching you make changes.

I want to send you a gift

An activity packet titled “The Week before Christmas”.
This packet is a compilation of wonderfully simple ideas
that can make the week before Christmas an amazing
experience for your family.

This packet is designed to give you some simple ideas for
family activities you can do without too much muss or fuss
each evening before everyone heads off to bed. I have chosen
only games, activities, crafts and recipes that will require a
minimum amount of time to put together with very inexpensive
materials. I want this to be easy! There are 23 pages of ideas
that can take 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend a week of quiet evenings with
just you and your family celebrating this remarkably joyous
season and creating lasting memories? I am with you, it would be

It is really important to bond with our family and remember
what really makes a memory for a child. It isn’t where they went,
who they saw, what they ate or even what they got. It is the
feeling they had when they were with their family. You can actually
make that happen by cleaning out our calendar a bit and then using
this great time saving packet to create a feeling of oneness, peace,
joy and laughter with just you and your children.

When you confirm your email you’ll receive access to
“The Week before Christmas” packet. Just click the link below.

Yes, let’s stay connected!

If you have any questions about this free gift you’re welcome to email
me or give me a call at 801-259-3174.

Here’s to spending time with your family, celebrating together and
gearing up for a fabulous 2013.

Mary Ann Johnson

Personal Mentor & Family Support

Enjoy your “Week before Christmas” packet

donut reindeer

Here is our finished product. Delicious!

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