Work and life balance-Its about “Presence” too

by Mary Ann on March 8, 2011

understood Betsy book pictures

Understood Betsy-A book you will like very much

“In the intervals of the game, while Uncle Henry was pondering over his moves, the little girl looked down at her pets and listened absently to the keen autumnal wind that swept around the old house, shaking the shutters and rattling the windows. A stick of wood in the stove burned in two and fell together with a soft, whispering sound. The lamp cast a steady radiance on Uncle Henry bent seriously over the checker-board, on Molly’s blooming, round cheeks and bright hair, on Aunt Abigail’s rosy, cheerful, wrinkled old face, and on Cousin Ann’s quiet, clear, dark eyes. . . .

That room was full to the brim of something beautiful, and Betsy knew what it was. Its name was Happiness.”

These are the final two paragraphs of a book I enjoy so much, Understood Betsy. I liked it as a young girl and I just reread it to myself a couple of weeks ago. Then I read it to my granddaughters. Classics are wonderful!

Do you know why I like this book so much? I really enjoyed the writing style. I liked the way the author made clear what was happening with the hearts of the characters without really ever saying it out loud. But what I liked most is that this is a book about being present, what it isn’t and what it is. It is a whole book about a very loving person who thought she was “present” and about a family that really was “present’ without ever thinking about it because they knew how to value people. Oh I just loved that about this charming little book.

On March 1, I shared an experience I had and a tip that can change your family . It was about being present. I promised then to

nigel marsh family picture

Nigel Marsh and family

share a bit from Understood Betsy and also to share a video that although not about being present, gives information that can be easily translated from his word “balance” into my word “presence”. Nigel Marsh tackles the thorny issue of work and life balance. Just change the words to work-presence in the work and life balance video.

That is the problem that we face the most isn’t it; too busy to really be present with those we love, hence we lack balance. The corporate executive is not the only one who gets caught in this tangled web. Try mom and dad!!

Don’t forget our Forum contest. Share your experiences on the 5 rules of engagement, maybe one on presence. It only needs to be a few paragraphs to help another mother! You will have your mind jogged about them by the video. Enjoy!

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