Understanding children better with Eye Movements – Body Language Part 2

by Amy on January 16, 2012

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Amy Walker

Welcome back to Body Lanuage and Education Part 2. My name is Amy Walker and I am a Certified Body Language Expert, teacher, trainer and mother. I am excited to teach you three more eye movements to help you better understand your children and students. If you missed the first two movements, please refer to Body Language and Education Part 1.

side to side eye movementMovement 3: When you see someone look side to side (right or left) they are looking towards their ears. They are listening to outside influences.

Outside influences could include:
• Parents
• Teachers
• Friends
• TV/media references
• Church or Civic Leaders
• Negative thoughts they hear inside their head

This is an EXTEMELY powerful indicator to watch for. If you want to help your child to be happier and more successful, watch for how often they are listening to others inside their mind. As a culture, we struggle with negative thoughts. Helping your child (and yourself) clear out the other people inside their head, will help them to feel better about themselves and have more focus in moving towards what they want. I once read that they average person has between 25-50,000 thoughts in a day. Highly successful athletes are closer to 15,000 thoughts a day. Their ability to focus and clear out the mind chatter helps them to be more successful.

upward eye movement
Movement 4: Looking up towards the sky.

Let’s not confuse this with the infamous eye roll. They mean very different things! When a person looks up towards the sky, they are looking to their Higher Power. They are looking for new answers, inspiration, and connecting with whatever they believe in that is bigger than them.

Tip for Parents: If you see your child look up and then give you their answer, please be cautious how you respond. They will feel a strong connection to this answer; it will intuitively feel right to them. All of us have experienced a “Dream Crusher” at some point in our lives. I never want to be that dream crusher for my children. It might not be an answer that I love and am completely excited about. It also does not mean that is their answer for the rest of their lives. But for right now, they are likely to feel very strongly about their thoughts, dreams or ideas and as they follow them they will progress and grow.

Example 2: I was teaching at a school in front of teachers, parents and students. I had a volunteer come up on stage. She was 16 and I was helping her to adjust her body language so she could be more effective in delivering her message. I asked her what her message was and she looked to the sides then said “I don’t know.” So I asked again. This time she said a message, but she looked to the sides again. It still wasn’t her real message. After a few tries, she looked up. When she came down she spoke of kindness to others, knowing who you really are and not hiding to make others feel comfortable. It was powerful and everyone in the room felt its authenticity. Every part of her body language was stronger. Her tone was stronger because this time she spoke a message that rang true in her heart. I could see from the very first answer that she was worried about what other people would think. Because I saw the signs, I was more effective in helping her get to her real message.

downward eye movement
Movement 5: Looking down

When you see someone look down, they are looking into their emotions. They are soul searching. This answer may take longer to find. It also takes more trust to share. If you see your child look down, it is essential to stop what you are doing and adjust your focus to your child. When they find their answer, they will check in with you. If you are not paying attention, they are not likely to share their thoughts. They will swallow them down and decide that how they feel is not important enough for your time.

Example 3: My 6 year old was having a very naughty day. He kept pestering his brothers and seemed bent on a course of destruction! I asked him, “What’s going on buddy?” He immediately looked down. So I changed my question to “How are you feeling today?” He took a long time to answer. To the untrained eye it would probably have looked like he was being defiant. But I knew to be patient. I waited and after what felt like 5 minutes, he gave a quick peek at me. When he saw I was still listening, he looked up again and said, “I feel like I’m invisible.” An experience that could have ended in a time out with lots of frustration on both sides, instead ended in a hug.

I LOVE working with teens and kids! They are truly amazing. They are wild and crazy, challenging, inspiring, and powerful all at the same time. As parents and teachers if we can increase understanding and figure out what makes each of our kiddos tick, we are so much more effective at guiding them.

I invite each one of you to study your children! If you live in Utah, please join me for a free Body Language training. I will teach you how to see your children more clearly and more importantly, how to recognize what signals you are unconsciously sending them!

Friday, Jan 20th, 6-8:00 pm
1160 S. State St. Suite 270
Orem, UT.


Saturday, Jan 21st, 6-8:00 pm
405 E 12450 S, Suite L
Draper, UT. 84020

To reserve your place please email [email protected]

Amy Walker is a Wife, Mother, Trainer and Mentor.  Amy has been married to her husband Stephen for 11 years.  Stephen and Amy met at Brigham Young University and after a year and a half of dating; they were married in Portland Oregon.  They have four sons ages 9, 6, 4 and 7 months.   As a family they love to play together.  They enjoy movies, playing tennis, going to parks, the Nicklecade (Amy hates it, but everyone else thinks it’s great!), and having picnics.  They are also all book worms and LOVE to read!  Amy has to be judicious about starting a new book because she is so obsessive she will go without sleep until the book is done!  She also loves music and has played the cello since childhood.

Amy graduated from BYU with a degree in Linguistics and a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language.  During College she lived and taught English in Russia.  She also taught ESL in the public schools.  She has a love of foreign languages and cultures

Amy is the Executive Program Director for 3 Key Elements.  She does body language trainings for corporate and private groups.  One of Amy’s favorite parts of her career is working with her personal mentoring clients.  She loves watching people transform their lives and move forward towards their dreams.

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Heather January 17, 2012 at 11:14 am

I would love more information on the free body Language training. I have a daughter with NVLD (non verbal learning disorder) where she doesn’t understand body language and I would love to have more resources to help her.


Mary Ann January 17, 2012 at 2:06 pm

Hi Heather,

I have forwarded you the information from Amy Walker. She is great and I have taken quite a few classes from 3 Key Elements. You will learn a lot! : )


Kimberly January 18, 2012 at 9:05 pm

Oh how I wish I lived in Utah! 🙂


Amy Walker January 23, 2012 at 11:01 pm

Hi Kimberly,
If you would like more body language information, you can go to http://www.thebodylanguageshow.com and sign up to receive articles on Body Language. There is some really great information available!


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