Thanks-giving to all friends and family

by Mary Ann on November 26, 2011

I am giving thanks today for wonderful friends and family.

I am grateful for my seven children, all different and amazing.

Jodie, Seth, Jenny, Marie

Andrew, Barry, Kate

I am grateful for darling grandchildren and two more on the way!

Michael (not pictured), Kane, Aubrey, Ashley, Elizabeth

Maggie, Parker, Jack, Mary

I am grateful for three wonderful son in laws and two almost daughter in laws.

Doug and Jodie, Kash and Marie, Brady and Kate

Abi and Barry, Kendra and Andrew

I am grateful for Don and almost 41 years of being together through thick and thin!

Mary Ann at 18 and Don at 19. Mary Ann and Don on their 40th wedding anniversary

I am grateful for parents and grandparents who did their very best in some trying times and raised me to be a productive, loving and happy person.

Ted and Roze Cazier, Verl and NaVon Cazier, Dean (not pictured) and Ann Gardner and Verenda Walker (not pictured)

I am grateful for five sisters and three brothers who are good friends.

Mary Ann (the oldest), Cindy, Shirley, Boe Dean, Rozanne, Evette, Nanette (Dirk and Brett, deceased)

I am grateful for the many, many moms and dads that I have had the privilage to work with, especially in the last two years.

I am grateful for the thousands of children who have taught me to be present, to watch for sparks, to  be patient with learning , to care more about the process than the end result when working with them, to name just a few lessons they have taught me.

I am grateful to the amazing and gracious people who have helped me get this blog and my presentations off the ground! They have given me an untold amount of hours, a listening ear and more support than one person can ever expect to have. They are wonderful!!

Annette Jones, Ratish Naroor and Shiniga Gangadharan, Evelin Turner, Jodie Palmer

I am really grateful to two mentors who have opened my eyes and have helped me make some tough and significant changes.

Kim Flynn-Queen of the Moma Biz and Kirk Duncan-Three Key Elements

I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for daily lessons in charity, kindness and service.

I am grateful for every expereince I have had up to this point both good and bad because I know that God has made them all for my good!!!

I could go on and on. Right now in my life I have so many dear friends that I don’t dare name any lest I forget someone. I have so many amazing parents and children that I work with that again, I don’t dare name them. I am sure I have forgotten someone very important in my life. If so please forgive me and know that in my heart you are not forgotten!

I hope that you had a restful, peaceful and thoughtful Thanksgiving day. I am signing off now. I am taking some time off to be with those I love. See you next Wednesday.

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Kimberly November 30, 2011 at 3:34 am

What a beautiful photo collection for which to be grateful. You are very blessed indeed:)


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