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by Mary Ann on May 31, 2011

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Today I am launching Mary Ann’s Amazon store. What that means is that if you see a book in one of the blogs that you are interested in you will be able to access information about it right from the blog. Also you can access the store right here, Mary Ann’s Home School Book Store and get back to the blog by clicking on the Home School Coach link at the bottom of the page.

bible scripture pictureI decided to do this because I talk about so many books that I love and have used for my children and grandchildren. I can’t always post a picture or much information so this will assist you to find out about the books more easily.

There are many types of books listed. Of course there are children’s classic books, classics for adults and classics for youth. However, I have added dozens of books that I have read and loved as I have grown. They cover everything from religion to politics to autobiographies, etc. There are good books for preschoolers, books for children and books for young adults as well as adults.

As a girl I was a voracious reader. I taught myself when I was about four. I remember readingthe mothers book picture labels in the medicine cabinet. I was an odd one for sure. : ) Some of the books are old like The Mothers and Lord Grizzly. I read these in 10th grade. My friends used to tease me about my selection of literature. They were listening to the radio and reading love stories. I wanted to know about the world.

After I was married, despite having a large family, I just kept reading, everything. I read many business books while my husband and I experimented with running our own. I read relationship books while I tried to figure out how to do that well. I read parenting books, many which you won’t find here. : )

carpentry for children book pictureSomeone recently asked me how I get so much read. It is a challenge when you have a family. I think back and here is what I did. I have a book in the bathroom, car and purse. There is one by the bed and one in the kitchen. Where ever I am I read a paragraph or two. I can’t always take notes and I’m sure if I was sitting in a quiet room really focused and reading just one book I might get more from the book. However, this has worked for me. I have learned many things, enjoyed myself and had moments of contemplation and relaxation. It has worked for me.

I have read almost all the books in Mary Ann’s Amazon store. I have a few hundred more to add. I hope that you enjoy learning about some of the books that I have read and enjoyed throughout the years. The book store can be seen on the blog on the bottom right side of this page.


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