Maggie’s Month: A Family Philanthropy Project

by Mary Ann on September 20, 2010

Maggie, just like any four year old

As you grow older you will discover

that you have two hands.

One for helping yourself,

the other for helping others.

Abraham Lincoln

One of the first reasons to gain a real education is to serve mankind in some way. It isn’t to make money or become important and powerful. It is, in fact, to serve.

Today I want to share an opportunity with you to take the things you value as a family and put them into practice. Maybe you want to teach your children about entrepreneurship, philanthropy, teamwork, kindness, service or love. Read on.

The Project

Hi, I’m Maggie.

Hi from Me!

I’m 4-years old and I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy from a brain injury at my birth.Learn more about ME here. I need your family’s help to get a special therapy called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Click here to read more about HBOT.

Because of my brain injury I can’t walk, talk, feed myself, or even sit up by myself. But HBOT has the potential of helping me walk, talk, and do things that I can’t do right now.

Essentially, the theory is that when the brain is damaged from lack of oxygen, like mine was, many of the damaged brain cells go into hibernation rather than dying. Soaking the brain in oxygen essentially wakes these cells up so that the person regains motor function that was previously lost.

How it works is I go on a “dive” in an oxygen chamber for about an hour. The first round of treatment is 40 dives, 1 dive a day, 5-6 days a week. Usually two treatments are needed; that’s 80 dives.

Of course, I know there are no outcome guarantees, but the possibilities of improving my quality of life are worth the effort. Heck, I could even go to college some day and have a family of my own! I want to be ready for that.

My mom and dad have found a facility that will treat me here in Salt Lake City, which is where I live. It’s very expensive and isn’t covered by insurance.

So, my mom and dad had an idea that is really fun! We’ve created a special fund-raising project called, Maggie’s Month: A Family Philanthropy Project.

The idea is for your family to work together through the month of October to raise the money to sponsor 1 of my dives ($150).  The funnest part is coming up with ways to work together so that everyone in your family can get involved. Click here for some really fun FUNDRAISING IDEAS. (Be sure to check out the read-a-thon idea, it’s especially cool!) Our goal is to get 80 dives sponsored.

Family Philanthropy is a really terrific way for your family to work together to make a difference in the world. Click here to learn more about FAMILY PHILANTHROPY.

Me and Ody Lew

My dog Ody Lew is really grateful for your participation, because he really wants me to be able to scratch his belly.

Thank you for helping me!


Maggie (and Ody Lew)

On Maggie’s website you will find many ideas and ways to work together as a team, to serve someone else. Learn a bit about philanthropy and about being an entrepreneur. I know your going to really enjoy this website and this amazing project. So take a look at Maggie’s Month!

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