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by Mary Ann on September 16, 2014

Mary Ann Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson

Dear Friends, those who visit my blog, take my classes and seminars and love learning with your children, I would really like some help from you. I have reached out on my Facebook fan page and have sent out a large email but just in case you missed all of that, I am posting it here.

I am in the process of writing a book (Yes, I know many of you have been waiting. Really, it is coming soon!) I am also updating some products and creating others. So I could use some input which will really go along way to helping me do a good job.

If you have created a Spark Station I want to hear from you. What went right. What didn’t work so well. What was really clear to you. What were your questions. What didn’t you quite understand. Did this tool work for you. If yes, in what ways. If not, what were the problems. 

If you have taken any of my classes on Sparks or listened to any audios or videos I want to know how this information has impacted you. Did it help you see more clearly what your children were interested in? What Sparks did you see, how did you respond and what were the results for your family. And if you have had some less than stellar experiences with Sparks I want to hear about those too. : )

If you have taken any classes or listened to any audios on Being Present I want to know how this information has impacted you.

Have you used any of the Rockin Spark Station Learning Packets? How have they worked for you. What do you love? What isn’t working ? What changes would you like to see? Are they use friendly, too much info, to little, etc. What changes would be helpful. Do you use them in conjunction with the Spark Station or do you use them on their own? If you have even just seen or used one let me hear from you. : ) If you have looked at them and wanted to order them but haven’t, why not. Is it the price or something else?

Are there any other issues, problems or educational culture issues you would like to see me address and in what format. If you were personally mentoring with me what topics would you want to cover that would help you manage your family and/or homeschooling efforts better.

You can leave your comments here, you can PM on the Facebook Fanpage or use the contact tab above. I really want to hear your stories.

As a thank you for your time and caring concern I want to give you a gift of a Rockin Spark Station Packet just in time for Christmas. It is called The Week Before Christmas and will really ramp up your Christmas season easily and inexpensively. This gives you plenty of time to look it over and make some plans. When you leave a comment, PM me or contact me via email, I will immediately send it right to your inbox. : )

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