Importance of gratitude and saying thank you in life

by Mary Ann on March 29, 2011

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I have nine grandchildren. I have to say that I think that grandparenting is God’s way of blessing us because we were willing to parent.

girl with doll images

Maggie and her doll

One of my granddaughters is almost five years old and she has cerebral palsy. It is a significant case and affects all four limbs and her ability to speak, sit up, and stand.

She is divine. She is a happy girl and a bright girl and she has a smile to light a room. We love her with all of our hearts. I was over there today and her mom was showing her a website. In a week Maggie is getting a new walker, one that will actually allow her to stand upright and walk! It is an absolute miracle.

Jodie wanted to introduce Maggie to the new walker and get her prepared and excited to use it. Maggie and I sat at that computer for the next thirty minutes watching the smiling, elated children using the walker, walking for the first time in their lives, one little girl kicking a ball for the first time. Maggie was engrossed in what she saw. She was excited. Tears ran down my cheeks, I couldn’t stop them. They weren’t tears of sadness at Maggie’s handicap. They were tears of amazement for the graciousness of God and the gratitude of children.


It is amazing how easy it is to take for granted the multitudinous blessings that each one of us has. Take the simple act of walking. Do you ever think about it and send your thanks, that you can do it, heavenward. What about talking, the simple act of saying I want a drink or thank you. These are things Maggie will never take for granted and now we, her family, can’t either.

I recall reading Corrie Ten Boom’s book The Hiding Place as a young woman. I’ll never forget her comment at the end of the book,

girl playing with hose picture

Maggie playing with the hose

how delicious it was to go to bed in clean sheets. I have never, to this day, forgotten that and frequently thank Heavenly Father for the sheets I sleep in.

I spend far too much time worrying and fretting over what I don’t have or what isn’t right in my life. I bet that you do too. I think that is one of the great maladies of our time, a lack of gratitude.

Here is what I know about Maggie. She doesn’t worry about whether she can walk or talk. She works hard on using her limbs and talking. She is happy. She expresses it over and over every day. She smiles and loves those around her. She is happy to be hugged by her mom, to have her teacher come, to be able to read. She is happy and she is grateful. She is always saying “Thank You God”.

I want to grow up and be just like her.


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