How to utilize The Spark Station to suit your home schooling needs

by Mary Ann on October 27, 2010

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One of the things that I stress in every class is that The Spark Station is a tool. It isn’t school, it isn’t structured time; it is a tool, which when coupled with correct principles can create a magical space where your children will love to learn.

Within the parameters of the correct principles and the five rules of engagementeverything goes. Parents can take this tool and really ponder it and see how it can work best for them. I give many possibilities and a few guidelines, but then you as the parent have to determine how you can best use the tool.

One of my students did just that. She really spent some time pondering where, what and how she was going to use this amazing and magical tool. “The class ended two weeks ago, and I’ve spent those last two weeks thinking about what I wanted in it, how I was going to use it for my family, and how I was going to actually make time to get this all done.” Andee M.

How Andee chose to use the tool is wonderful. “… basically I’m going to use it in the afternoon…We’ll have already completed our ‘normal’ school stuff, and will use it during our afternoon ‘Structured Learning Time.’ It will help us change gears, be 100% present with each other, learn a little more about something that interests us, do a project we’ve been putting off, play a game together, or do whatever else we find in the magical Spark Station.”

The Spark Staion is a tool for inspiration to help children LOVE learning. The Five Rules of Engagement are principles to help families be more successful. After an eight hour course Andee has focused in on what matters most to her in relationship to the Closet, as a tool. “I took an online class all about The Closet, which is a tool that everyone from a Grandma to a mom of small children can use to help create meaningful time with their family.” Andee Martineau

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Because of her attention to thinking about what her families needs are and her understanding of the Five Rules of Engagement she has started out with a BANG! The maiden flight of their Spark Station was a stellar success and I will bet that it just keeps right on working.

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Suzanne October 27, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Do I allow the contents of the closet to be the only things allowed to be used during Kid School or are other things they want to do instead allowed to be done instead?


Mary Ann October 29, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Hi Suzanne,
That’s a great question and one that most parents have when they first start learning about the Closet. It is important to remember that the Closet is one tool during your structured family learning time or school. You have wonderful inspirational ideas and materials in it but it isn’t required. Remember “inspire not require”. Hopefully and on a regular basis your children will want to engage with something in the Closet but they might not. An older child may be deep in a fabulous book and just want to read. A couple of other children might want to play a learning game which isn’t in the Closet. Sometimes learning time or school may not even be at home. For more information I suggest that you begin at the beginning. The getting started tab at the top of the page ( will really help you learn the basics of the Closet and its use. The article links found here will answer most of your questions as walking you step by step through a project to put in the Closet. You might also want to read this article “The Closet is a Tool” to get a more detailed answer to the question you asked. Do some study and then give it a try.


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