How to be the best grandpa ever

by Mary Ann on June 20, 2011


grandpa grandchildren pictures

Grandpa, Mark and Lydia

“You’re the best grandpa ever!” That’s what Darrell’s grand kids think, that he’s the best ever. Darrell Newbold is funny, dependable as the sun, and a good friend. I asked him to write about the experience and joys of being a grandpa, something he takes very seriously. I think he hits it right on the head. Your going to enjoy every word he wrote and if you aren’t a grandpa or grandma yet he is going to make want to be one! By the way, not to steal his thunder, but I also squirt whipped cream into my grand kids mouths. You can guess who they think is the best! :

You can be a pa, but to be a grandpa is something special!  It has been said, “Fathers get promoted to grandfathers.”  I think that you need to earn the position of grandfather.

I can remember time spent with my grandpas. One was easy going, had love in his eyes, and shared a chocolate whenever I went to his house.  My other grandpa was rough and could be strict in my young age.  But as I got older I would spend Saturdays horseback riding with him.  I was 18 and he was 80. Those are good times to remember.

grandpa grandson pictures

Grandpa and David

Those are the kind of times I want my grand-kids to think back on.  I will sit at the piano and start to play and have all the kids trying to sit next to me on one little bench or at family outings all trying to get into the same photo.   Those are really special times!

We all need to stop and think what is important in life.  I think family is !  We had a special day this week—two new grand kids adopted into the family, making ten. Each is unique in their own way—a talker, a shy one, a princess, little miss clean, the hulk, or anything goes.

grandpa baby pictures

Grandpa and Hannah

I’m trying to share special times with my grand kids so that they can get to know me, so that if they need me they will come and have a talk time or get a hug or receive the help needed.

It seems like the boys want to do what ever I’m doing—the, “Grandpa, can I help?” mode.  They all like a sleepover at our house.  Just the other day my wife was telling me not to squirt the can of whipped cream into the grandkids mouths, when they all yelled out, “You’re the best grandpa ever!”

grandpa grandkid images

Grandpa and Oliver

Darrell Newbold is married with 4 grown children, 10 grand-kids and is a remarkable Scoutmaster with 20 Scout sons.

The Traveling Closet will return next week. For some help in not only being a better parent and then a terrific grandparent why not read how to develop a family mission statement. A family mission statement will help you clarify where you want to go and how to actually get there.

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