Parenting Issues of Fathers

by Mary Ann on August 31, 2010

As I stated in my previous post Fathers Role In Parenting there are some common problems for Fathers,when it comes to parenting .

Lack of Time

You never seem to have enough time. You work long hours. You may be involved in church and civic responsibilities. Home seems to be a stopping place between other obligations. The few conversations you have with your children sound like this, “Please don’t bother me now. I’m busy.” or “Have you done________ yet?”

Preoccupied with Other Matters

You give time to your children, but often you are so preoccupied with your own thoughts or activities you may as well not even be there. You are not really present . You try to watch the football game while reading your children a bedtime story. You think about how you’re going to fix the car while helping your child with homework. You’re physically present, but mentally and emotionally absent.


You give time to your children, but what a burden you feel it is! You take them to the park, but wish you didn’t have to. While you are involved with them you’re thinking of the time being taken away from something else you’d rather be doing or that you feel has a greater priority. You feel frustrated about responsibilities as a father and may even resent being one at times. It feels overwhelming.

Almost every father, on occasion, becomes too busy, too preoccupied, or too frustrated to relate well with his children. Your children are your most important assets and they need your time.

Next – How to resolve these common issues.

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