What Does it mean to have Our Ducks in a Row

by Mary Ann on November 21, 2014


Have you ever really needed and wanted to be at the top of your game? Me too! Recently in a mentoring session a mom said that very thing to me, that she needed to get all her ducks in a row. In the same conversation she said she wanted to be at the top of her game. Wow, that was red flag conversation for me and I asked her what being at the top of her game and having her ducks in a row meant.

Let me bring you up to speed. This was a homeschooling mom. She has a few children but she was also in the process of preparing for an older, married daughter to come home with her family.

When I asked her what it meant to be at the top of her game and have her ducks in a row she laid it all out – house clean and in order, all the stuff purchased for the huge breakfast spread she usually puts on, making sure everyone was fed and entertained the whole time…you get the picture.

I then asked her, “Well, what do you think God would say if you asked Him what it meant to have all of your ducks in a row and to be at the top of your game. That stopped her in her tacks and she had to think. It was a very different list – hug everyone, talk to each other, be calm, smile a lot, feel peace, enjoy my family…you get the picture.

So we brainstormed how she could be at the top of her game and have her ducks in a row God’s way and not worry so much about her way.

I am happy to report that she and her family had a wonderful time. It was peaceful and fun and restful. She talked and laughed and hugged a lot. Here is one example of what that actually looked like.

The morning of the usual HUGE breakfast spread she got up, made coffee, poured a cup and went into the living room where her daughter in law was. She sat down beside her and they had a long and lovely conversation. No HUGE breakfast spread, just an ordinary breakfast shared with family.

I have learned from long and sometimes bungled experience, whether we are homeschooling or not,  that what our families really want is us, our time, our face, our heart, our ears. They want us. Hash browns, pancakes, eggs, toast, and the most beautiful fruit plate just cannot compete with smiling eyes and our Presence.

This holiday season lets get our ducks in a row and be at the top of our game God’s way. Lets give our families the gift of Presence and Peace.

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