Dream,believe and work to achieve your goals

by Mary Ann on March 3, 2011

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Celebrate the fruits of your past successes!

I am a worker. I have never seen myself as a dreamer, just a worker. However, I read an article this morning by one of my favorite writers, Kerry Paterson.You must read the article! It made me realize that I am a dreamer, that’s why I work. I have experienced the power of  dreams, belief, thought and work.

I dream about all kinds of things, being a more supportive mom, being a nurturing grandmother, writing a book, having a new home, helping people see children as magnificent human beings, getting a doctorate degree in Constitutional law! Hmmmm, that last one might just be the “hole in my backyard”. You will have to read the article to understand that one.

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We must believe in our dream

The point here is that we can never get more than we have if we don’t dream, believe that we can achieve the dream/goal and then work. This holds true economically. It also holds true in changing our way of being. Anything that we want, from more money, to becoming a more gracious person takes a dream, belief and work.

Many of you come to this blog because you have a dream of a more peaceful family, greater appreciation for your role as parents, children who love to learn. That is good. There is great information here.

However, you must not forget to add the two ingredients that will make your dream become a reality: belief that you can achieve the dream and then working towards it.

Belief is a tough one sometimes because of how we talk to ourselves. “I’ll never quit yelling.” “I am such a poor mother.” “I can’t ever be the dad my father was.” I am familiar with all these mini self-conversations because I have had hundreds of them with myself.

STOP it. Change your conversation to one of belief. Focus on what you want and verbalize that. “I may have yelled but I am getting better at recognizing why and when. I am making progress and I will change this.” “I really made Charity smile today. I am a great mom.” (I don’t care what failures you may have had during the day, celebrate the successes) “My dad was great. With his example I am doing better and better.” Change your self talk and really change your life.

Work is a tough one too. Mostly, because the work we have to do to be better parents and people is ‘thinking work’. Most of us shy

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Work makes dreams come true

away from thinking because it is hard! But this is the work that moves us towards our dreams and brings some of our greatest success. When we have thought out why we do what we do and have determined what we want to do instead, we have to do the work to make it happen. We have to continually practice our new way of being, despite many failed attempts. I am living proof that this does work! : )

My gift to you today is this wonderful and enjoyable article by Kerry Paterson. I want to help you see the  power of dreams, belief and work. Despite the occasional loss I want you to dare to create one more dream. I want you to be able to open your eyes wide enough to see the fruits of your past efforts—not just the hole in your backyard. (Read the article to understand this one : )

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