Creative winter lesson plans and ideas for all children

by Mary Ann on February 8, 2011

Stranger in the Woods book pictures

Stranger in the Woods

Sometimes I read something that another mom has done that is just so creative I have to share it with all of you.

I was browsing home school blogs and I found one called Eclectic Musings. It was filled with wonderful pictures of family and descriptions of fun filled “school” days. One idea really sang to my heart. This mom has storybook themed days. She does it on a regular basis. She is a mom who is invested in making learning fun. She gave me permission to share some ideas that can be used for a  winter lesson plan. These are very creative ideas that can add some fun to winter .

They began this particular day by reading a beautiful book titled Stranger in the Woods. It’s a pictorial about curious animals who encounter a stranger in their woods, a snowman.

snowman craft picture

Darling felt snowman

They then made a snowman of felt and pipe cleaners. These would be great materials to put in the Closet, in a tub, for  a winter craft, along with the book; a fun surprise for your children to find.

When your learning time is over have a fun lunch. They made a Stranger in the Woods themed meal. She had a Havarti snowman with pretzel arms, raisin eyes, a carrot nose and a cherry tomato hat. They had some snowflake toast and lined the forest floor with carrot twigs. The curious deer is made of gingerbread.

cheese snowman pictures

A snowman themed lunch

Now to follow up this fun day you might want to add some of these items to your Closet.  There are plenty of  winter craft ideas and other learning activities:

A book on snow flakes or winter – try The Secret Life of a Snowflake or When Winter Comes

Directions for making paper snowflakes

If you have a powerful blender make some snow cones

A book about deer

A book about mountains with beautiful pictures

Find out how water can be a liquid, a gas and a solid and what the particles of each look like

Make some frozen water ornaments from items in your yard

Look at spectacular snow crystals online

What is the difference between snow and hail – get a printable free

Do some winter related projects as a family

Here’s an entire winter unit study. Love the 1951 version of Suzy Snowflake. I sang that as a kid!

Go outside and build a snow man

Have a wonderful time in the snow. Hurry, it will be gone soon!

Want to be better at thinking and planning?  Then start with Common Issues in Planning Ahead Weekly for Home Schooling [screaming child]. This is an introductory article to a four part series on planning.

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