Creating a magical environment for homeschooling

by Mary Ann on May 1, 2010

homeschoolingIdeally, the “Spark Station”  is a closet in the room where your family studies together or gathers to spend time together. In many cases, however, such a closet isn’t available. If that is your situation then this blog will give you some ideas to help you create a Spark Station despite that. The important things to remember about choosing a closet:

  1. It needs to be able to segregate items for older and younger children
  2. It needs to be easily movable if you have to take it into your study or family area
  3. It needs to lock or be secure from your children during non-family times
  4. It needs to be of a size to accommodate what your children need
  5. It needs to be easily accessible to your children during study and family time

Here is a list of possible Closet alternatives:homeschooling

  1. An old dresser or two would hold many things. You may need to provide a stool for easy access.
  2. Some large plastic tubs can be stacked in a corner. Cardboard boxes can work on the spur of the moment.
  3. Plastic bins which are low enough to slide underneath your bed or other furniture.
  4. Shelves placed around the top part of the room.
  5. If you only have one or two very small children and lack space, a clear plastic shoe holder on the back of a door can work forhomeschooling awhile.
  6. If you have older children who will keep the items just for study or family time, a book shelf can work. Most children can be trusted to use the items only during school time.
  7. Plastic drawers or bins on rollers.
  8. Luggage with wheels.
  9. An armoire.

It has been my experience that parents worry far too much about what, where and content. It paralyses them and then children are cheated out of this marvelous tool that will create a magical learning space for them. Just be brave and do something. You can always upgrade later.

“Your class was wonderful! I loved it. In fact, I used a “Spark Station” today for the first time in our home school. I have always been waiting for that perfect day in a perfect world when I had the perfect Spark Station…which day was not coming anytime soon! After going to your class, I threw together some fun things in some clear Tupperware containers, and voila, our temporary Spark station. How liberating! It was wonderful! We had a great school day together. Thank you so much.”      Elizabeth Little


“I came home from the FORUM two Saturdays ago and started a “Spark Station box”. My girls, 10 and 3 love it! My husband was cuddling our three year old a few nights ago and asked her if she was ready for school in the morning. She said “Yeah”. He asked her what she was going to do for school. She said “We do ‘Spark Station box’. It’s fun!”         Melissa Draper

So set a date (not too far out), grab a box or two and get started!

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