Continuing Education for Busy Mom’s and Dad’s

by Mary Ann on January 29, 2015

InsectsAlthough my kids are all grown I can assure you that I am a busy mom! I am also a busy grandma. It isn’t easy keeping up with all that is happening with seven children and a dozen grandchildren. Add to that mix a regular day time job, private mentoring and speaking and being a wife and homemaker. I am busy!!

Recently I had a mom call me in tears. She just couldn’t figure out how to continue her own education and still wear all the other hats that she has to wear. She wanted some advice.

I shared with her the number one best way to keep on learning despite the challenges – read excellent books! You know her response right, “I never have time to read!”

Here are some tips that I use to get my reading in:

  • I always have a book in the bathroom. Every time I go in there, and that is at least twice a day : ), I read a few paragraphs. I know it sounds lame but I actually get quite a few books a year read this way.
  • I always have a book in my car. I read in doctor’s offices, while waiting for a child to come out of where ever I am picking them up from, in traffic jams….truth be told sometimes when I am driving home from work I just pull over and sit and read for twenty minutes. It’s quiet and no one is asking for anything. : ) Whenever I get stuck anywhere all I have to do is go out to my car and grab my book. (If you are purse carrying woman that works too.) There are also the electronic book devices which make reading anywhere a breeze. I am sure that resonates more with you young mothers.
  • I have a book on my night stand. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes I can sit in bed for a few minutes before lights out. I love reading like that.
  • Read to your kids. Some of my favorite books and those that I have learned the most from were classics for children and youth. Learn together. By the way if dad reads to the family it is really powerful.
  • Read short things that won’t take much time–short stories, letters, speeches, fairy tales, etc. This will also increase interest because you will be reading lots of different types of things and it will give you a sense of accomplishment as you actually finish many more readings.
  • You can listen while you work- folding laundry, making dinner, nursing the baby, etc. Just have something going. It also doesn’t have to be a book, it can be anything educational and there are tons of educational videos online.

Want some ways to make what you read more effective:

RindlisbacherI love the Rindlisbachers and the Ten Boom Institute. They have some really great videos that will help you read what you do read more effectively. They are short, to the point, and worth your time. Check them out.

Here’s to your own continuing education you busy mom and dad! Enjoy and grow!!

PS By the way, Audrey and Blaine are moving all their great book discussions, reading videos and book reviews to a new home. Visit them here.  The page name “Books You’ll Love” speaks more clearly to what they are all about, books you really will love!!

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