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Spark Station Mastery Course~

In this course I’ll show you how to inspire your children to want to learn rather than requiring that they learn. I’ll teach you the 5 Rules of Engagement, which will transform how you see, relate to, and engage with your children.



Filling Your Closet on a Dime with Little Time

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Filling Your Spark Station on a Dime with Little Time~

On this DVD I walk you through the process of using the internet efficiently and effectively for keeping inspiring content in your Spark Station. You will learn how to spend only 30 minutes a week in preparation for a weeks worth of Spark Station content while maintaining a magical place where your children love to learn and anticipate FUN!





Rockin' Closet Subscription Packet

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Rockin’ Spark Station Packet Subscription~

This monthly subscription is the perfect answer for busy parents! Would you like to have fabulous Spark Station Content every week without the time and stress involved in coming up with the ideas and doing the research? Feel the luxury of opening the Rockin’ Spark Station Idea Packet and having dozens of crafts, projects, recipes, books and family activities at your fingertips on a wide array of topics. Click the picture to your left to get started!





Mary Ann Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson – Home School coach

Group Mentoring~

Group mentoring is a great first step in the mentoring process. In an affordable and low pressure environment you are able to practice tools to give you new skills, share your experiences and get feed back from other parents on the same path to personal growth and stay accountable for changes you have decided to make. Learn more about Group Mentoring.

Personal Mentoring~

Discover what’s keeping you from being the person and parent you really want to be. Private mentoring can help you experience significant, accelerated, change to transform yourself and in the process transform your family.  You will learn tools that when you practice will have a huge impact on the success and satisfaction in your life.  Ready to overcome obstacles, gain clarity and experience more peace?  Then choose Personal Mentoring.