Personal Mentoring

Buckle Up – Get ready for a major transformation!

Mentoring is a law of success. Choosing a personal mentor is a sign
to the universe that you are really ready to make a change.

I have been using mentors for many, many years and I know first hand that it’s a must to stay on my game.

The word “Mentor” comes from the Greek language and has its roots in the terms “steadfast” and “enduring”. The term “Mentor” is synonymous with one who is a wise teacher, a guide, a friend.

You will learn tools that when you practice will have a
huge impact on the success and satisfaction in your life.

  • Choosing personal mentoring will assist you in organizing your internal world to create powerful and healthy relationships.
  • Your confidence will increase.
  • You will increase your momentum and joy in life!
  • You’ll learn empowering tools that will help you accomplish more without the “hurry” and overwhelm many feel.
  • You will understand yourself and others better and feel more at peace.

Discover what’s keeping you from being the person and parent you really want to be.

Bring clarity to what you can work on for maximum growth. Get started making serious personal changes now by choosing private mentoring.


Be Free and dream again!

“Before I started working with Mary Ann,  I was trapped by my negative thoughts and emotions. I was so filled with them; I didn’t have room for dreams. I had no hobbies. I didn’t even really know who I was or what my purpose was. I have learned from Mary Ann that it’s okay to be human. I can celebrate when I make mistakes because I know I’m growing. I’m finally free from the chains of negativity that bound me for so long. I finally have dreams and I know I can reach them!” Rachelle C., Utah

Mary Ann, your information has been so helpful!!! Thanks a million.  I love this stuff! -Melissa D., UT

More light and knowledge

Mary Ann is honest and real. I’m so thankful for the light and knowledge Mary Ann is bringing into my life by sharing her time and talents. Her wisdom is more valuable than gold! -Shiloah B., CO

I wish I could express in word the blessing this has been to me. -Katherine J., ID

Transform your Family!

I cannot tell you what a fan of [yours] I am. Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration. You are truly opening my eyes and helping me transform my family. -Leah S., AZ

Privately mentor with the Home School Coach and break free!

  • 6 personal appointments to be used within 6 months of starting
  • Appointments are 1 hour
  • An mp3 of the Family Chunk Clock
  • Handouts on tools to create your own “Book of Change”

Mentor with The Home School Coach  for 6 months for $350 or  6 payments of $58.33. 

To experience significant, accelerated change, choose private mentoring to transform yourself and in the process transform your family.

Note: I accept a  limited number of mentees  (the precise number will vary depending on what else I’ve got going on). So if you are thinking this might be the next step for you don’t wait.



Tools for change

Mary Ann Johnson has been my “official” mentor for the past year.  From the beginning of our mentoring relationship, I made it clear that I wasn’t specifically looking for help just in the area of home schooling but mostly I needed help and encouragement in my personal life.  My thoughts at that time were that if I could form some good positive mental strategies, organization systems, and change my thought patterns then that would in turn affect all areas of my life.  I am a home schooling mother of five, we farm in central Iowa and we have our own business.  I was feeling overwhelmed in many areas.

I so appreciate Mary Ann’s personal warmth, wisdom and practical ideas that I could begin implementing immediately!  She was always ready to address my most pressing issues with nuggets of wisdom and tried and true principles.  As I have been reviewing my notes this past year, I have been amazed at the wealth of resources that Mary Ann has so generously shared with me!

Mary Ann has a way of making each call special; it is not a cookie-cutter approach!  She is attuned to what my specific needs are each call.  Mary Ann has an amazing way of asking the hard, pressing questions…it is comparable to peeling back the layers of an onion to get to what the real issues are, not just what appears on the surface.  I will always be grateful for our mentoring relationship these past months!  I have grown as a person.  I feel as though I have a well-equipped tool box at my disposal now.  It is filled with resources to help me manage my thoughts, actions and responses to the expected and the unexpected events in everyday life. -Mary C.,  IA

Ready to overcome obstacles, gain clarity and experience more peace?

“YES, I want more for myself and my family”. I want to free myself from negative thoughts. I wan to enjoy my children more. I want more connected relationships in my family. I want to be less stressed and overwhelmed. I want more inner peace.



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