Seeing the funny side of life and things

by Mary Ann on May 29, 2012

wet shoe picture

Wet shoe! NOT funny or is it?

When I am in front of a crowd I am a funny woman. Yes, it’s true, a funny woman. I make people laugh. I am no comedian but I can say things in a way that is humorous.

But if you ask my children if I am a funny woman they would say “no”. They would say that mom doesn’t get jokes and she doesn’t generally see the funny side of things.

Case in point – Being a humorous person

One day many years ago I was preparing to attend an event with my then 11 year old daughter. It wasn’t Sunday but the dress was Sunday best. We were running a bit late and being late was never an option for me. So the stress was on to get there on time!

As we walked out to the car I stepped off the curb into a pool of water up to my ankle. I was instantly mad!!! My foot was wet, my shoe was full of water and there wasn’t time to change. My thoughts were full of anger, blame, frustration and I turned those thoughts into angry, blaming and frustrated words.

As I drove down the road I was complaining bitterly about the cussed water, the inconsideration of some people who let their sprinklers run all over the place, the foolishness of having the event at this time and not later, and on and on……. You can hear it can’t you!

When we were about 6 blocks from home I visualized myself stepping off the curb and into that gutter. I saw my shoe fill up with water and saw the shocked look on my face.  It was such a funny picture and my shoe would dry. In fact no one would probably even notice it was wet. After all people do have to water and we weren’t going to be late. I began to laugh and laugh and laugh.

My poor daughter who had sat silently through the so recent tirade just stared. Then she began to laugh. When I finally got control of myself I said, “That was so funny!”

In her sweet way she replied, “Mom, I wish you had known it was funny when it happened.” That wise statement from my youngest daughter was like a slap in the face and frankly sent me on an adventure of change. Now, I am still no comedian. I don’t see the funny side of a head cold or a house burning down. But I can tell you this, I laugh far more than I cry or complain or yell.

You get to decide to laugh or cry. You have a choice.

I have discovered that this is a funny life. The most outrageous things happen and if you control the thoughts in your head and the stories you tell yourself you will see the funny side. Controlling your thoughts and the stories you tell yourself are a big key to having a happy – and funny life! How YOU decide to see a thing makes all the difference.

Children are especially funny. If you stop and tell yourself a new story about what they just did or didn’t do for that matter, instead of letting anger be your immediate response to their lack of understanding or their messy attempt to learn you will be laughing for at least 18 years.

Case in point- Seeing the funny side of life

The other night Doug was giving Mary and Jack a bath. He gathered up the PJ’s and took them to put away. When he came back into the bathroom literally everything in the room which wasn’t nailed down was in the tub: scale, towels, dirty diapers, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo bottles, everything.

As Doug began fishing all the stuff out of the tub while trying to control his temper this is what he heard, “Hey dad your ruining my island.” How’s that for learning. How’s that for funny. I laughed and laughed. Even Doug had to laugh.

 little girl with toys in the tub picture

Kids don't think like adults and are proud of efforts we think as naughty. Learn to laugh while they learn!

Learning to laugh will relieve more stress than taking a long vacation. Learning to control your thoughts and the stories you tell yourself will lead to a happy life and enjoying every bit of it more. I promise!!

I’d sure like to hear some of your outrageous experiences learning to see the funny side of life. Why not share.

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