Organizational Programs – Master Inspire Plan Part 6

by Mary Ann on July 22, 2010

My grandson Kane and his Grand Champion steer, Spock

My oldest grandson loves raising animals, shooting black powder rifles, hunting and being outdoors. For many years now he has been involved with 4-H clubs. It has been a perfect fit for him. As he has gotten older he has developed a love of sports, particularly football, so his time in 4-H is less. That is as it should be because he still needs time to go to learn new things, read, which he loves to do, rest, work, be with his family and think.

As we create our Master Inspire Plan for our family the next item that we should consider is ORGANIZATIONAL PROGRAMS. This is a list of the programs connected with specific organizations you would like your children to engage in. You may wish to include programs that address the following: leadership, service and community, skills development, the arts, sports, camping, and outdoor recreation. Where applicable, consider any programs for youth offered by your church and programs offered by a local organization or academy serving the leadership education community. (Leadership Education Family Builder, from HOME FIRES)

So there you have it in a nutshell. You need to think about what groups you want your children to become involved with. The possibilities are huge and many families become overwhelmed with all the choices. So many mothers spend hours ferrying their children from one class or group to another. Children have less time to play and learn and interact with family. The fact is that we have the idea that our children will grow and learn the best outside of the home, being taught by someone else. We also, in America, at least, have the idea that more is better. I think that children get tired!

When I was a girl I spent countless hours reading and inventing games on warm summer evenings with neighborhood children. We played hula hoop, cops and robbers, hop scotch, tag, and a myriad of lawn games. We had time! That is a luxury that few children have now. They have so many planned sports, lessons of all kinds, clubs and groups. I am not suggesting that children will play the same way I did but I am suggesting that we need to make sure children have plenty of free time to unwind, think, ponder, read, create and play.

One of the reasons that I think this particular item is so important to include in your plan is because it gets parents to think about what is important to them and hence to their children. If you are a musical couple then music is probably something you really want your children to engage in.  That was the situation for Diann and Adam Jeppson. They wanted their girls to love music and learn to serve. So they became involved, as a family, with Heart and Soul, a group which brings music and the arts to isolated people, without cost.

The Wildflowers

Maybe for your family it is sports, or running various businesses, possibly public speaking and politics, maybe agriculture or rising animals. It will be different for each family and it is all good. However, remember that schedules that are overloaded even if all the activities are good are not particularly healthy for family relationships or for giving children time to learn.

So take some time to consider what is out there and choose wisely what you want to expose your children to. You also have to watch your children for clues as to what they may want. Do you have a dancer, a budding musician, an equestrian, possibly an artist? Do you have a child who loves to speak or write or organize? Find groups and organizations to help your child build on their strengths and likes.

As you implement your plan things will change. Children, particularly in core and love of learning tend to jump from one love to another. Today they want to dance and tomorrow they want to play tennis. Keep in mind Rule of Engagement # 4, when you put something in take something out. Also keep in mind the 6 month purge and the 6 month NO. Simplify and choose the best over the rest!

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