Learning Is Fun Even When We Don’t Know The Answer

by Mary Ann on May 25, 2010

Ash, “It helps me learn”

I saw the cutest thing while sitting in on one families “family learning time.” They have a daily game they play. It is a series of cards attached together like paint swatches. On each one are a number of questions about all kinds of topics. There is a set for kids under a certain age and one for older kids.

Each day they begin with a devotional and them mom reads to the kids. After that they open The Spark Station and each child can choose something to engage with or can read or play a game or whatever they choose. While each person is so engaged, their mom asks each one a question from the cards. They each take a few turns.

Now there is a 6 year old, a 10 year old, and a 12 year old. You might think that the 6 year old is at a disadvantage but he LOVES this game. He misses quite a few questions while his 12 year old sister gets quite a few. But he doesn’t bat an eye about it. I believe that is because they are equally excited when someone gets it right as when someone doesn’t. If it is answered correctly they all cheer and say how great that is and then talk a moment about the answer. If someone gets it wrong they all laugh at how some questions are so hard and how great that is and then they talk about it for a moment. It is fast paced; there is a lot of laughter and good spirits.

When asked why he loves the game the six year old said, “It helps me learn”. The questions help me find out what I know. You just gotta love that!

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