FREE GIFT Spark Station Packet

Welcome. I know that you are going to enjoy learning about being more Present with your children and that you will also enjoy learning about Sparks. Understanding these two tools can really bring some energy, excitement, fun and connection into your relationships with your children. Enjoy!

Here is the free gift I promised to send you. You are going to love this!

The Rockin’ Spark Station Program: Magnify It

The Rockin’ Spark Station Packet is the perfect answer for busy parents who want to inspire a deep love of learning

Many parents use the Rockin’ Spark Station Packets to help them get the hang of using the Spark Station so that they can successfully do it on their own. Other parents just use it to spice up their home school efforts and family time. The Magnify It! Packet will give you dozens of crafts, projects, recipes, books, family activities and experiments on magnification, a topic kids love!

I look forward to supporting your efforts to create more inspiring environments to help your children Love Learning!


Mary Ann Home School Coach

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