Fourth Assignment Video

“You Can Change”

When we want to have a different outcome in our life, in any area, it usually requires change. Often we want our spouse to change, a child, or circumstances in general. But real change, the kind that can revolutionize a life and a family, happens within.

Your fourth assignment is to plant some new seeds about change in your heart and mind. Some of these concepts may be familiar to you. Embrace them and decide to implement them. Some may be new to you and may feel uncomfortable. Don’t cast them out but plant them in your heart and mind and let them grow.

No matter where you are in your life, no matter what your challenge is, you can find greater joy, success and satisfaction. It starts with you! The video is approximately 42 minutes long. I look Forward to hearing from you as you move forward and transform your self, and in the process, your family. Feel free to make comments on this support page below.

Assignment #3 on your card is to journal your experiences. There is great clarity that comes from putting what we are experiencing and feeling on paper. You may journal in your own notebook or I welcome you to journal on this support page in the comments section below. That way you can share with others and all will be edified and served.

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