A Dozen Weeks of Summer FUN activities!

by Mary Ann on June 2, 2011

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Lets have a love of learning summer

Dear Readers,

I am excited to share a tremendous summer package with you called a Dozen Weeks of FUN.  I know what it’s like to be a busy parent and yet want to give your children a wonderful summer with fun activities, excitement and learning.

So I have picked some “summer fun” topics that I think your children will love. I have done all the work for you with summer family activity ideas, summer craft ideas, ideas for learning projects, books to read, recipes, as well as further sites to refer to. So if you just haven’t gotten your Closet off the ground yet or feel like you aren’t ready to inspire then this is for you!

“A Dozen Weeks of Fun” will give you everything you need to spice up your children’s summer. You will find tons of  fun summer ideas for your kids in this package. I’ll even let you test drive the first week FREE. Keep reading!

If you are a family that schools during the traditional nine months and then takes the summers off your children will be geared up for non-academics. This is a perfect program to help you do that with fun summer crafts and game ideas while actually helping them learn something new, yes, even in the summer.

If you are a family that schools year around you might be in a rut and ready for something new. So let’s shake things up!

A Dozen Weeks of FUN will provide you with a new PDF each week for 12 weeks with everything you need for a week’s activities and projects. The PDF will come to your email inbox.

When you purchase a Dozen Weeks of FUN you will receive Two FREE Bonus Gifts, “Filling your Closet on a Dime Without a lot of Time” and “Finding Sparks and Great Ideas”. Both are designed to help you become a master inspirer.

What is the cost of this awesome summer offer? $34.95. That is just $2.91 per week. What else can you do this summer that will bring so much fun, excitement and learning to your family for just $2.91 per week.

Why not take the first week’s topic for a test drive? The first installment of the Dozen Weeks of FUN is yours as a FREE GIFT NOW to help get your summer off to a roaring start. Are you ready to make this summer fun filled for your kids? Find the first weeks program free at A Dozen Weeks of Summer. I know you are going to love it!

Happy Inspiring!

The Dozen Weeks of Fun topics:

1. Spring Cleaning: The Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice

2. Old Times, Fun Times

3. Magnify It

4. Build It

5. Money, Money, Money

6. All Sorts of Art

7. Party Around the World

8. Star Gazing and Cloud Watching

9. The Performing Arts

10. Summer Camp at Home

11. The Games of Summer

12. Make Way for Autumn (or how to plan for another school year)

You can buy this fun package here, Summer fun package with activities, crafts and ideas

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