A dad’s experience with parenting and homeschooling

by Busch Jones on June 10, 2011

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Ash and Busch Jones

Dad’s speak out! I asked a number of father’s, in honor of their day, to talk about their expereinces with homeschooling, being a dad, loving their children and quite a number of other topics. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what they had to say. Kudos to Busch Jones, the first dad to actually write and send in his thoughts! So read on and see this dad’s experience with parenting and home schooling.

I look forward to the opportunity each evening I get to spend time with my wife and children after a long day of work. When I come home, I try to build on my children’s excitement of what they have learned, played and experienced throughout the day. I like to question them each on how their day went and what they did – not as an inquisition but rather to show my interest in what they learned and accomplished.

I love to see the excitement in my children as they describe in detail everything they experienced and learned – the book they are reading, the new picture they made, the new math concept they mastered, or what they made outside in the yard. I try to make comments about what they have learned in order to continue the environment of learning that my wife has built with the children throughout the day. I believe this reconfirms to my children that what their mother has inspired and taught them throughout the day is important. This shows my support to both my wife and my children that their efforts are good. This second confirmation in the eyes of my children not only helps them understand the importance of what they have learned but also helps them understand my role as the father in the home.


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Cedar, Busch and Tannin Jones

I believe that the mother and father have equal importance in their family roles. In our family, my wife is home with the children throughout the day. She is the one who is inspiring and teaching all day long. She is the one juggling the many daily activities of learning, going on outings, babysitting cousins, coordinating the daily chores, running her own business – the list goes on. She puts forth a great amount of energy and effort each day to help our children learn and grow. When I come home at the end of the day, I hope to continue on with the learning and growing rather than be a hindrance.

I also have the pleasure of being a part of the family bonding time when the day is winding down and my children may be worn out from a full day. This environment is ideal for gathering together to delve into a classic. I use this time to read, discuss ideas and opinions, answer questions, talk about dreams and goals or plan outings and travel plans with the children. Throughout the years, there have been many times that we have laughed, cheered, wondered, cried or just talked during this family time. I believe that memories have been built during these times that will last forever in our minds. The amount of time I have with my children each day is limited so I try to make the most of it that I can and I have found no better way than sitting and reading with my children.

Busch Jones lives with his wife Annette and children 14, 12 & 8 in West Valley City, Utah.    He and Annette have been homeschooling parents for the past 8 years.  His favorite things include spending time with his family, traveling, kayaking and all things Tolkien

I am really looking forward to hearing more father’s experiences with parenting and homeschooling. It will be enlightening to see how they view the role of father in the family.  So stay tuned. Mary Ann



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